ZEN Aroma Oil Air Diffuser

When it comes to relaxation and serenity in the home or office, there are a few things that you can try but, truth be told, few are quite as successful at chilling you out as a ZEN Aroma Oil Air Diffuser which is funding on Kickstarter right now and might just be your greatest ally in alleviating stress in your life. This fantastic home accessory is billed as the perfect mix between technology and design, which makes ZEN the most intuitive and original aroma oil diffuser ever created.


For anyone that needs a little help getting into the relaxation zone, the ZEN Aroma Oil Air Diffuser is going to be a big help in achieving it. With a unique combination that straddles the line between innovative design and being user friendly, this will make for a stress free environment in your home. The essential oils are directly dispensed from the bottle to help you benefit from dry aromatherapy and the no-nonsense design means there’s no need for an app or complicated program to set it up.

Finding Your ZEN

So simple to set up and use, the ZEN Aroma Oil Air Diffuser just has a hand atop it, similar to that on a clock face, which you turn to your desired amount of time you want to release the oils, press a button and away you go. There’s no synching it up with an app or unnecessary complicated controls, it’s just a simple diffuser that gets the job done, whilst looking great in the process. There is tactile, tangible enjoyment to products like this and its easy to see why it’s proving popular on Kickstarter.

With prices for the ZEN Aroma Air Oil Diffuser starting at just €89 during the Kickstarter campaign, now is the time to act if you want to bag one of these superb devices for a bargain price. You’ll find that most 5 or 10ml essential oil bottles, that have screw tops, found in stores will be compatible with the ZEN diffuser and for your convenience it comes with an empty 5ml glass bottle which you can fill with your desired aroma.

Made from natural materials, the ZEN Aroma Air Oil Diffuser uses no water and has a low power consumption. It offers a USB connection and creates almost no noise which will help with the relaxation process. Available in a number of different styles and colourways, you’ll be able to pick one that best fits in with the interior design aesthetic of your home or office. There will also be a range of ceramic cover and handles that will be sold separately in case you want to change it up further down the line.

Japanese Inspirations

As the name suggests, the inspiration for the ZEN Aroma Air Oil Diffuser comes from Japanese zen gardens, in which, rocks are placed upright like mountains with white sand representing water, emptiness and distance. The top of this striking diffuser recreates a zen garden style aesthetic and that will make for a relaxing visual in its own right. The handle symbolizes a mountain, and the carved wood surface represents water.

For any homeowner on the hunt for products to help create a relaxing and chilled out environment in their home, you’ll be onto a winner with this superb ZEN Diffuser which is funding on Kickstarter now. Available for a bargain price and offering a first class performance, what’s not to like? Head on over to Kickstarter now and relaxation awaits.

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