Zero-Labs Premium Classic Electric Vehicles

It goes without saying that the more environmental concerns govern it, the more likely we’re all going to have to be driving electric vehicles sooner rather than later and if you’ve got deep pockets and want to push the boat out a little for your next eco-friendly steed, it’s tough to look past these awesome looking Zero-Labs Premium Classic Electric Vehicles.

The Zero-Labs Premium Classic Electric Vehicles are available for pre-ordering now for a 2020 delivery and they boast not just an unparalleled aesthetic dripping in old school cool but also one of the most impressive performances on the market from a technical standpoint. These magnificent electric vehicles from Zero-Labs are restored and handcrafted to show car quality seamlessly powered by a covert all-electric drive system.

User Friendly Design

These mesmerising Zero-Labs Premium Classic Electric Vehicles have been designed to be low maintenance, environment-friendly, with unparalleled luxury and refinement throughout. Their latest offering of a carbon fibre build really adds to the luxury and performance of these electric vehicles and they are faster, lighter, stronger and have an increased range.

The carbon fibre bodywork is crafted from premium ‘Pre-Preg’ carbon fibre and is vacuum bagged and baked to a temperature of over 250 degrees in a pressurised kiln and from benefit from the attributes of extreme strength and light weight. These impeccable electric vehicles come with independent front and rear suspension and an optional 600HP dual motor configuration.

They are fully automatic but keep the same tactile control shifters and newly created digital transfer case to direct power to each axle like the original 4×4. Alternatively, you can drive on a single axle only for range mode. They deliver an impressive range of some 190 miles on a full charge and boast a thoroughly beefy 600 horse power for a robust performance out on the road.

Premium Off-Road Vehicle

There is a tangible sense of quality to these electric vehicles from Zero-Labs which elevates them above the competition. Some of the stand out elements of the design include regenerative braking 90 kW, handmade wood or carbon fibre panels, premium leather or vegan interior coverings and a superb vintage look and feel to the vehicles.

If you’re starting to plan for your future on the roads and want the creme de la creme of electric vehicles, we’re pretty sure that these brilliant offerings from Zero-Labs are going to be tough to top both now and in the future. Great design with a pleasing vintage vibe coupled with unbeatable performance on the road. What’s not to like?

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