Zombie Safe Zone Prints

The zombie apocalypse may not be impending any time soon but that’s no reason not to be prepared for the inevitable uprising of the undead and, with that in mind, we’re planning on purchasing plenty of these awesome looking Zombie Safe Zone Prints by Different Design. If you’re the sort that wouldn’t know where to head when there’s a horde of brain obsessed zombies on your tail, these prints can act as your cheat sheet to navigating your way to safety.

These excellent prints by Canadian designers, Design Different, who operate out of Toronto and craft all manner of awesomeness, of which these spiffing Zombie Safe Zone Prints are definitely our favourites here at The Coolector. The brainchild of a talented chap by the name of Ryan McArthur, these wonderfully conceived prints are available in a whole host of cities from all over the world so regardless of where the zombie uprising begins, there should be a print within this cracking collection that has you covered. Check out a few of the best below:







Each one of these first rate prints provides information on the best location to head from a metropolis with details of distances, how long it takes to reach and the various food sources available when you arrive. We’re mightily impressed with the visual appeal of these Zombie Safe Zone Prints here at Coolector HQ and we’re in no doubt that there will be plenty out there who will want one hanging in their own workspace.

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