Zungle Inc Music Viper Sunglasses

Listening to music whilst on the go is something that all of do most days and finding devices that help facilitate this is always welcomed here at Coolector HQ. You often find them in the most unexpected of places such as with these rather extraordinary Viper, ZUNGLE‘s new music sunglasses which use bone conduction to deliver your favourite tunes directly from your sunglasses. Clever tech combines with striking style to deliver the ultimate accessory for the contemporary man.

The Zungle Inc Music new Viper Sunglasses aims to tackle the problem of wearable devices not looking all that wearable and delivers a product that both looks cool and delivers the technological performance you’ll demand. ZUNGLE‘s new music sunglasses, Viper, look great but also play music, take phone calls and even connect to A.I. so there is an awful lot of functionality packed into one little pair of sunglasses.

Fun in the Sun

With the Viper, ZUNGLE‘s new music sunglasses, using new “Vibra” Speakers, which are classed as the best bone conduction technology on the market right now, the performance is an impressive one. They are bigger and closer to your ears which helps to deliver a sound quality that is better than ever. You really can maximise your outdoor activities with powerful and excellent sounds emitted from the Zungle’s new Music Sunglasses and they provide protection from the sun and musical enjoyment everywhere you go.

The Zungle new Music Sunglasses, Viper, use Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure excellent connectivity and range so you’ll always be able to enjoy your favourite music whilst on the go. They let you make hands-free phone calls which is great for when you’re driving or when your hands are otherwise engaged and they come with an A.I. Assistant that is always just a one-click away. You can ask anything, just with your voice such as play a certain song or what the weather is like outside before you head out.

Lightweight in design, the Zungle’s New Music Sunglasses, Viper, weigh in at just 50g and this ensures that they deliver a snug and comfortable fit for each wearer. They have a sweat and weather resistant design that means they can be worn on more or less any adventure without fear of damaging them and they have eight different lens colours to pick from so you really can tailor these brilliant looking sunglasses to your own particular style requirements.

Music Matters

The music loving style conscious individuals out there after a top piece of tech for listening to their music and looking good will be hard pressed to find a better solution for these requirements than these brilliant Sunglasses. With prices starting at just $139, they represent excellent value for money and will deliver a first class performance when you head out in the sun and want to listen to some great music at the same time.

Zungle Music Sunglasses have taken the style and tech worlds by storm and this quirky piece of design is definitely going to resonate with those looking for something a bit different for the summer EDC line up. Great design, technology and materials all combine to make these cracking sunglasses a must in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and, given how popular they’re proving, it would appear we’re not alone in this.

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