Artery Residence

Kansas City is definitely somewhere with its own distinct vibe and this is reflected in much of the architecture there and, at the luxury end of the spectrum, you’ll not come across many Kansas residences quite as striking and impeccably designed as the Artery Residence from Hufft Studio and which has been carefully considered in order to properly accommodate the owner’s extensive collection of art.

The Artery Residence from Hufft Studio came about when two contemporary art collectors in Kansas City, Missouri, need to build a new house in order to showcase their vast collection of art so they turned to Hufft to facilitate it. The couple had been collecting art, including paintings, photography, and sculpture, for over two decades and that needed a sub-grade gallery space, which would serve as the new “heart” of the home, with high quality lighting and climate control to ensure the artwork has the right environment and isn’t damaged.

Artists Residence

Though the majority of the artwork can be found in the gallery portion of the home, there are various other bits dotted about on the walls and in the landscaped gardens of the Artery Residence. Sculptures of various shapes and sizes surround the property and the upper level houses five bedrooms – one for the homeowners, two for their children, and two additional for houseguests. Aluminium louvers help deliver shade to the interior spaces of the Artery Residence and make it a relaxing space to spend time.

The Artery Residence, designed by Hufft Studio has a limestone clad ground level which consists of the main living spaces, including the kitchen, dining room, living room, and two offices. The interior design of the non-gallery parts of the home are eye-catching to say the least and we’re loving the choice of materials throughout the Artery Residence here at Coolector HQ. One of the stand out features of the top floor of bedrooms are the floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the surroundings like photographs and give amazing views of the landscaped, sculpture filled gardens.

With a collection of artwork as impressive as the owners of the Artery Residence have accumulated, it is important to create a home that does it justice and that’s exactly what Hufft have done here. Brilliantly conceived and design to fully capitalise on the quality collection of the homeowners, this exquisite home looks just as impressive on the outside as it does internally and it is testament to the design skills of the studio behind its creation.

Kansas Cool

We’ve featured many architectural projects from America on the pages of The Coolector but the Artery Residence might well be the first with its own integrated art gallery. There is a magnificent attention to detail in the various design elements of this stunning home and it is a real testament to the calibre of Hufft and their team of architects and designers.

For anyone with a love of contemporary architecture and art, the Artery Residence from Hufft is definitely going to resonate. This fantastic looking home has certainly caught our eye at The Coolector and we’ll be sure to keep abreast of any further design from this highly talented architecture studio.

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