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We all want minions to do our bidding, that’s a pretty safe assumption but robots are difficult to get your hands. Well, perhaps not for much longer courtesy of a rather excellent project that goes by the name of Zuri and which is, essentially, a DIY robot that you can put together yourself in a few (relatively) straightforward steps.

Put simply (which is typically the only manner we understand here at Coolector HQ), Zuri is a programmable DIY robot kit which boasts a multitude of different ways that it can be put together and, as you soon see from the images, it looks all manner of awesome. This first class piece of kit from Germany based Zoobotics is made all the more impressive by the fact it chiefly consists of just paper and cardboard and, as you might expect, a typically advanced motherboard controlling its movements.

The Zuri Robot can be fashioned together with the most rudimentary of tools i.e. glue, ruler and a razor blade and the kit comes with a control device that will permit you to make your Zuri follow your every command (provided your commands don’t typically exceed ‘walk around a bit, Zuri). Robotics is, of course, a highly skilled discipline and takes a lot of understanding to facilitate and that’s why the Zuri Robot is being pushed as a learning tool for those interested in how such machines operate and it’s merely a great happen-stance that the device looks so cool. Check out a video and some shots of the Zuri Robot below:






[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″]http://vimeo.com/111081431[/vimeo]

As you can see from the video above, the Zuri is fairly simple to construct and offers a highly impressive finished product which you can customise to your own desires. If you’ve a desire to learn about robotics and make your own four-legged cohort, you’ll not go to far wrong by getting your hands on one of these fantastic DIY kits from Zoobotics. Currently in the prototype stage, the chances are you’ll be seeing Zuri on a crowd-funding website before too long.

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