Zutik Wall System

We’re all about finding awesome pieces of functional furniture here at Coolector HQ and we’ve started the week off with a bang in the form of this glorious looking piece of design that goes by the name of the Zutik Wall System and which might just be the piece of furniture you’ve been waiting for to help de-clutter your home or workspace.

The Zutik Wall System is the handiwork of French design studio, Alki, and it boasts intuitive features that will make it both an extremely versatile and functional piece of furniture which adds significantly to the visual appeal of your home. The Zutik Wall System is a complete system organised along a horizontal oak beam consisting of acoustic panels, shelves, mirrors, a ladder structure and coat racks for the ultimate in organisational spaces.

It can be configured to your own specifications and space requirements and you can check out a few more shots of this nifty construct below:







It’s hard not to be impressed with the understated design and immense functional capabilities of the Zutik Wall System and when you consider its great visual appeal as well, it’s fair to say there there will be plenty of interior design enthusiasts out there who will want to see one of these cracking bits of furniture in their own homes and we’ll join them in that sentiment here at Coolector HQ.

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