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Kokeshi Matches

Matches might not be the regular fare that we’d typically feature on the pages of The Coolector but it’s not everyday that you encounter…

Mighty Mug Solo Black

The Mighty Mug

If you drink as much coffee as us here at Coolector HQ, the danger of coffee spillages over your computer from an errant elbow…


Ondu Pinhole Camera

Needless to say, there are plenty of technologically advanced cameras making their way onto the market of late but sometimes it pays to go…


EDC Card

If you’re the industrious sort who regularly requires tools and what have you during your day to day endeavours but don’t want to have…

Zombie Safe Zone

Zombie Safe Zone Prints

The zombie apocalypse may not be impending any time soon but that’s no reason not to be prepared for the inevitable uprising of the…

Aspen Brewing Company

Aspen Brewing Company

Though we’re not ski aficionados at Coolector HQ, Aspen is undoubtedly a place that we’d like to visit and this desire has increased exponentially…



The problem of wasted plastic in bottles is one as pressing as it is depressing so it is always heartening to see those who…

wyoming green sideways

Hummingbird Hammocks

Despite having only recently returned from an overseas trip, the travelling bug is still well and truly omnipresent here at Coolector HQ and we…

typography playing cards

Typography Playing Cards

We’re not ashamed to admit our affinity for typography and fonts here at Coolector HQ and it is for that reason that you shouldn’t…


Michael Fassbender as Frank

Frank Review

If you like your films to feature song lyrics such as ‘filthy fat fuck’ and ‘fidgety digits’ then the chances are ‘Frank’ (2014, Abrahamson)…


Noah Review

It’s always a great feeling when a film exceeds your expectations, especially when you initially had dubious pre-conceptions about that film. Whether it was…