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Maison 630 Cardholders

Though we don’t have a Patrick Bateman-esque obsession with business cards here at Coolector HQ, this could perhaps be as a result of the…


Iron & Resin Kool Kan

With the weather being rather sweltering of late, our preoccupation with cold brewskies has obviously heightened significantly and, as you’re likely well aware, there’s…


Sense Sleep Monitor

Sleeping is something that we do frightfully well here at The Coolector given our proclivity for laziness but, as it transpires, it is something…


JIBO Robot

The idea of having a minion to do our bidding around Coolector HQ is certainly one that appeals and this dream just took a…


The Man Comb

Men are the hairier sex yet we are considerably less likely to carry a comb on our person. Something didn’t tally there for London…

bandit wines

Bandit Wines

We’re not the most cultured bunch here at Coolector HQ, with a distinct preference for craft ales over your fine wines but perhaps this…

werewolf set

Werewolf Set

If you’ve grown weary of playing Texas Hold ‘Em or Blackjack and you’re after a new card game to keep you entertained, we’ve just…


Michael Fassbender as Frank

Frank Review

If you like your films to feature song lyrics such as ‘filthy fat fuck’ and ‘fidgety digits’ then the chances are ‘Frank’ (2014, Abrahamson)…


Noah Review

It’s always a great feeling when a film exceeds your expectations, especially when you initially had dubious pre-conceptions about that film. Whether it was…