Analogue NT Mini

No matter how often we power up our PS4 here at Coolector HQ, we always get pangs of nostalgia about the consoles of our…


Canett Jeep Desk

We’ve seen some pretty awesome desks in our time here at Coolector HQ but every now and then, you come across those which are…


Shark Sushi Plate

We’re not fans of either sharks or sushi here at Coolector HQ to be honest but combine them together and you’ve got yourself a…


Rhino Hammer

We’re not going to lie, DIY is far from our forte here at Coolector HQ but we are big fans of awesome pieces of…


Grovemade Speakers

Portland based, Grovemade, are one of our favourite brands here at The Coolector and we’re always waiting with baited breath for their new releases…


Tempus Electric Bike

The older we get (and the more often we throw our back out) here at Coolector HQ, our thoughts gravitate more and more towards…


Finca Aguy Retreat

Whilst we don’t currently have a home to call our own here at Coolector HQ, we very much like the idea of said residence…


Neonos Holland 01 Dive Watch

Diving is a pursuit that will demand a certain calibre of equipment given the conditions that you’ll inevitably find yourself in and we’ve just…



We love our tech here at Coolector HQ and this is particularly true when it’s engaging, innovative and patently cool so you won’t be…


Soylent Coffiest

Our willpower at Coolector HQ is decidedly lacking when it comes to eating healthily and we’ll inevitably gravitate towards the unhealthier foods but we…


st james hotel

St James Hotel and Club

As relatively regular travellers here at The Coolector, we’ve stayed in our fair share of hotels and it’s always immeasurably rewarding when you come…

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Cwtch Camping, Pembrokeshire

Camping is something that is quite divisive and it will be entirely dependent on the location, the setting and the great outdoors that you’ve…


Boskerris Hotel, St Ives

The Cornwall coast is, quite literally, amongst the most picturesque we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ and it is complete folly that we haven’t…