Ruckbug Outdoor Backpack

A backpack that is made for adventure needs to excel in certain areas – namely, durability and functionality – but, in most cases, aesthetic…


Bellroy 3 Card Phone Case

Most men today are trying to streamline their pockets and ensure that they are weighed down by nothing but the essentials but, truth be…


Grits Co Clothing

We love awesome apparel brands here at Coolector HQ and, as luck would have it, we run into them all the time with our…


Dinosaur Bottle Open

We’re not going to lie, we can get pretty prehistoric about opening craft beers here at Coolector HQ when we don’t have a bottle…


GasLight Keychain Latern

We take our everyday carry obsession pretty seriously here at Coolector HQ and will always seek to find those little bits and pieces that…

Pillbox Bat Co

Pillbox Bat Co

Now, we’re not going to lie, we love American sports but, truth be told, baseball is probably the one we struggle with most here…


Maen Watches

It would seem to us here at Coolector HQ that Swedish watchmakers are like buses – you wait for one to come along and…


st james hotel

St James Hotel and Club

As relatively regular travellers here at The Coolector, we’ve stayed in our fair share of hotels and it’s always immeasurably rewarding when you come…

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Cwtch Camping, Pembrokeshire

Camping is something that is quite divisive and it will be entirely dependent on the location, the setting and the great outdoors that you’ve…


Boskerris Hotel, St Ives

The Cornwall coast is, quite literally, amongst the most picturesque we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ and it is complete folly that we haven’t…