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The way we take photos is constantly evolving and the prevalence of selfies nowadays has made designers increasingly keen to come up with a…

jimbob ceramics

JimBob Ceramics

If, like us here at Coolector HQ, you drink a lot of tea and coffee, you’ll be only too aware that a hot beverage…


Beer Quotes Print

Beer is fuel. I think this is a fair assessment for most men but there are a good deal more profound quotes about the…



Getting the lighting right in a room isn’t always an easy undertaking and it invariably comes down to lamps to get your workspace or…

zeitwinkel watches

Zeitwinkel Watches

It’s always pretty exciting for us here at Coolector HQ when we come across a brand of timepiece that we haven’t encountered before and…


Manual App

Given the fact that the vast majority of us now use our smartphones for most of our photography requirements, an invention like this brilliant…



Although our skateboarding career ended as quickly as it began, with a brutal introduction to gravity, that isn’t to say we’re not still fans…

Star Warps

Star Warps

Star Wars is a mild obsession of ours here at Coolector HQ and whilst we twiddle our thumbs waiting for J.J Abrams take on…


Michael Fassbender as Frank

Frank Review

If you like your films to feature song lyrics such as ‘filthy fat fuck’ and ‘fidgety digits’ then the chances are ‘Frank’ (2014, Abrahamson)…


Noah Review

It’s always a great feeling when a film exceeds your expectations, especially when you initially had dubious pre-conceptions about that film. Whether it was…