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wolf hill

Wolf Hill Leather Goods

It’s impossible to ignore the fact the good old US of A is home to some rather awesome purveyors of leather goods, plenty of…

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Mad Max PS4

We are mightily excited about the upcoming Mad Max film here at Coolector HQ – so much so that the accompanying video game somehow…


Finchtail Tablet Stand

Simplicity is something that should be embraced in the world of design and it often makes for a much more functional and useful finished…

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Brain Specimen Coasters

We drink a lot of beverages here at Coolector HQ and, to our shame, we seldom use coasters which inevitably leads to plenty of…


SWIG Hip Flasks

Let’s face it, a hip flask is an accessory that all men should own. This doesn’t mean to say that you’ll be using it…


The Ockham Razor

We’re big into the idea of spending a little extra money on the items we use in everyday life here at Coolector HQ. Stuff…


Floating House Shelves

Shelves aren’t an interior design feature that will typically let one’s creativity soar but there are those occasions where people dare to be different…

winter is coming

Winter is Coming Print

Game of Thrones is now, thankfully, back on our screens and we here at Coolector HQ couldn’t be happier. This hasn’t stopped us from…


Vinyl Idolz Figures

It’s a fairly safe assumption that there is no legitimate reason why we all wouldn’t want an awesome looking vinyl representation of Dr. Peter…


Rest Desk Organiser

A messy workspace is one of the biggest roadblocks to creativity and productivity in our experience here at Coolector HQ and it is for…


TIKO 3D Printer

There’s no doubting that we love 3D printing technology here at Coolector HQ (particularly when it is used for things like Thorgi) but it…


Porcelain Pipe Dreams

Whilst we’re not overly interested in the Ming dynasty here at Coolector HQ, these brilliant looking Porcelain Pipe Dream vases have left us thoroughly…



The Dean Hotel, Dublin

Dublin is, unquestionably, one of our favourite cities here at Coolector HQ and not merely due to our affinity for Guinness. It happens to…

Michael Fassbender as Frank

Frank Review

If you like your films to feature song lyrics such as ‘filthy fat fuck’ and ‘fidgety digits’ then the chances are ‘Frank’ (2014, Abrahamson)…