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Base Camp Trailer

Though we don’t get to do as much camping and enjoying of the great outdoors as we’d like at Coolector HQ, we’re forever on…


Belmoto Watches

Seldom does a moment go by at Coolector HQ whereby we’re not on the lookout for great looking new watchmakers to fawn over and…


Guide To Computing

It’s fair to say that technology has come a mighty long way in the last few decades and there are few areas in which…


Straumsnes Cabin

We’ve featured a lot of architecture projects of late here on the pages of The Coolector and, truth be told, they just seem to…

crisscross furniture

CrissCross Furniture

It’s fair to say that IKEA has somewhat of a monopoly on low cost, functional furniture and it is a stranglehold that is likely…


MHD Watches

Choice is something that will never be lacking when it comes to watches and that’s something that we really appreciate here at Coolector HQ….


Scrubby Bay House

Location, location, location. There are few things which mean more when it comes to building a property but it’s not as black and white…


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Cwtch Camping, Pembrokeshire

Camping is something that is quite divisive and it will be entirely dependent on the location, the setting and the great outdoors that you’ve…


Boskerris Hotel, St Ives

The Cornwall coast is, quite literally, amongst the most picturesque we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ and it is complete folly that we haven’t…