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paperboy wine

Paperboy Wine

Wine isn’t really our tipple of choice here at Coolector HQ and, truth be told, we only usually drink it when our hand is…


Devotec Fuel Charger

We remember first coming across the Devotec Fuel Charger around this time last year when it was undergoing a crowd-funding process on Kickstarter and…

converse crepe

Crepe Collection by Converse

Worn by Olympians, soldiers, rock stars, and fictional characters alike, today we pay homage to the forever-brilliant Converse. Delightfully, we at The Coolector are…

grovemade case

Grovemade iPhone Bumper

If you feel like your iPhone needs a bit of embellishment but you’re after something understated and not ostentatious, it’s often difficult to know…

le baigneur soap

Le Baigneur Soaps

Give us a brilliantly branded product here at The Coolector and we’ll give you a product we love. That’s exactly the position we currently…


Bravur Watches

Sweden may not be your first thought when it comes to timepieces but courtesy of the likes of Triwa forging ahead with some really…

hitman go

Hitman Go

If like us, you let the godawful Hitman movie sully your enjoyment of the franchise, it might just be time to let bygones be…



Noah Review

It’s always a great feeling when a film exceeds your expectations, especially when you initially had dubious pre-conceptions about that film. Whether it was…


Prisoners Review

Given that this is just the second film to merit review on The Coolector and we have, again, given it a perfect score probably…