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Talas Bottle Opener

We’ve featured more than our fair share of bottle openers on the pages of The Coolector, perhaps, but none have been quite like Talas…


Holy Rail

Finding a purveyor of menswear that has all manner of your favourite brands under one roof is somewhat of a Holy Grail for most…


Codename Colossus

It’s fair to say that we’re yet to grow up here at Coolector HQ and whilst we can no longer ostensibly get away with…


PF Flyers Hi-Tops

We perhaps don’t put as much thought into our footwear choices as we should here at Coolector HQ but there are often brands that…


Takumi Pure+

Stationery is something that most people don’t pay a lot of attention to but it really should be if you work in the creative…


Mapiful Prints

Most of us love the cities in which we live or have our own favourite cities around the world and will look for great…


Artifox Furniture

Functionality and style are two key components that we will typically demand of our furniture here at Coolector HQ but it’s safe to say…


SORVN Republic Backpacks

Travelling is something that is never far from our thoughts here at Coolector HQ and it is for that reason that we’re always on…



BMW PGA 2015 Wentworth

Having never been to a golf tournament previously here at Coolector HQ, we were delighted to have the opportunity to attend the recently concluded…


The Dean Hotel, Dublin

Dublin is, unquestionably, one of our favourite cities here at Coolector HQ and not merely due to our affinity for Guinness. It happens to…