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Talja Wood Carving Kit

As rather avid fans of Ron Swanson AKA Nick Offerman here at Coolector HQ, woodworking is something that is of interest to us but,…

hex backpack

Hex Backpacks

We’re always coming across new brands here at Coolector HQ and one that we’d hitherto been unaware of but who are now well and…


Architee T-Shirts

Architecture is in our blood here at Coolector HQ so we will invariably gravitate towards items with design leanings which brings us nicely onto…

GI bike

GI Bike

For anyone who has ever endeavoured to ride their bike in the city, they will know that it is a journey fraught with potential…

hendo hoverboard

Hendo Hoverboard

We’ve all harboured a grudge against Michael J. Fox since he climbed aboard the hoverboard in Back to the Future II but we might…

Death before decaf

Death Before Decaf Mug

Coffee is serious business here at Coolector HQ and we’re of the mindset that, barring some sort of medical necessity, drinking decaffeinated coffee is…

apex tinkerbot

Apex Tinkerbots

I think robot ownership (or rownership if you will) is the dream for most chaps and in our particular case here at Coolector HQ,…


Bomber Barrel Bag

The term ‘everyday carry’ is thrown around a lot nowadays but, in the case of this rather extraordinary looking Bomber Barrel Bag, it might…

spool dock

Spool Dock

When it comes to charging our many electrical devices here at Coolector HQ, there is one thing that is more annoying above all else…


Michael Fassbender as Frank

Frank Review

If you like your films to feature song lyrics such as ‘filthy fat fuck’ and ‘fidgety digits’ then the chances are ‘Frank’ (2014, Abrahamson)…


Noah Review

It’s always a great feeling when a film exceeds your expectations, especially when you initially had dubious pre-conceptions about that film. Whether it was…