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Hawaii is perhaps not best known for the quality of its coffee (or, at least, not to us here at Coolector HQ) but our opinions about this may well be set to change now that we’ve stumbled across this incredible concoction that goes by the name of Big Island Coffee Roasters and which herald from the breathtaking American state of Hawaii.

Big Island Coffee Roasters are the creation of a coffee loving couple who, back in 2010, had the chance to get their hands on a small, coffee farm in an impoverished part of Hawaii and, from this, their brilliantly branded and delicious sounding coffee company was born. The self taught couple of coffee lovers spent three years perfecting their coffee roasting craft and through constant experimentation, were able to create some truly spiffing looking roasters for our taste enjoyment.

It is a chief objective of Big Island to make their coffees in the right way and they personally produce their coffees from seed right through to the roasting process and this personal touch positively shines through in their cracking collection of roasters. Boasting an array of brilliant named concoctions such as Stout Heart Dark, Hawaiian Peaberry and Kona Bloom, you’re likely to find a blend that is right up your street from their tip top selection. Check out a few more shots of their roasters below:




Coffee is like craft ales in a lot of respects insomuch as there are so many different varieties and brewers out there that it will be entirely impossible to try them all but you can rest assured that we’re going to have a good go at trying as many as humanely possible here at Coolector HQ and Big Island Coffee Roasters have now firmly secured their position on our list of must-try coffees.

Superb branding coupled with an impressive dedication to making coffee in the right way in an unexpected location all combine to elevate Big Island above the norm and we can’t wait to get our hands on some of their superb looking brews as soon as possible.

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