Fuffr Case

Don’t write this device off based on its name alone because, trust us, you’re going to be mightily impressed when you see what it can actually do. Fuffr is the work of a small team of technological boffins from Sweden who aim to completely revolutionise the way in which people interact with their hand-held devices and, if the rather impressive video above is anything to go by, their wheels are well and truly in motion on route to achieving this objective.

Fuffr, somewhat remarkably in our eyes, allows you to use any flat surface that your smartphone is in contact with to be used as a trackpad so for anyone with overly clumsy fingers or lacking the dexterity often required for today’s smartphones, then this will likely be treated as a godsend. There is no doubting that there is an awful lot of potential to be harvested from the Fuffr Case (on top of moving two different coloured squares around, of course) and we here at The Coolector are excited about the possibilities that it will likely unlock.


If you’re tired of your fingers getting in the way whilst trying to peruse the internet on your smartphone, Fuffr will assist you greatly in this regard by letting you navigate from your table and not the screen itself. The way that it actually works is by communicating with your iPhone via Bluetooth and, most likely, infrared technology and, if the finished product is as impressive as what’s in show in the video, we here at Coolector HQ we definitely be getting our hands on Fuffr.

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