Lo Esencial Bifold Wallet

A man’s wallet will, in most cases, be the piece of everyday carry about which they care the most so it is a good idea to take a little while with choosing it and for those who like to make an informed decision, ones like this excellent Lo Esencial Bifold Wallet will always stand out from the crowd.

Lo Esencial are a Mexican purveyor of first rate leather goods and their recently released Bifold Wallet is certainly one of their most striking and functional pieces of everyday carry to date. This excellent looking wallet is crafted from a single piece of vegetable tanned leather which means that there are no seams within its design. There is space for six cards and your cash and there are plenty of other striking features as well such as brass side-button to hold you cash.

Handcrafted in Mexico using top class materials, this Bifold Wallet from Lo Esencial aims to redesign the traditional bifold and does a great job of this in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. You can take a look at a few more images of this corking piece of everyday carry below:












With a lifetime guarantee, you know that this Bifold Wallet from Lo Esencial is built to last and the quality is clear from the minute you lay hands on it. If you’re in the market for a new wallet over the next few months and want one that is meticulously crafted and devilishly dapper then you, sir, need look no further.

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