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Smartphones are, of course, mighty impressive pieces of technology but, truth be told, when you enter areas of no reception, they can be rendered somewhat obsolete. For those that love adventure and heading out into the deepest wilderness, this PDF Haus Walkie Talkie Smartphone Case isn’t just a cool add-on to your phone, it might just save your life if you get into a pickle courtesy of some really clever design features that borrow heavily from the past.

The PDF Haus Walkie Talkie Smartphone Case is merely in concept phase at present and, along with the design skills of Sejung Oh, PDF Haus have aimed to redesign the vintage Two-way radio transceiver which has an extremely simple function and shape. The objective was to focus on distinct styling based on original item and usability and how it could be integrated into a smartphone case to help use old technology to make contemporary smartphones more functional.

Signal of Success

A loss of signal when you’re at home or in the office is little more than a nuisance but if you’re out exploring mountain terrains or woodland wilderness, it can be a much more serious issue and that’s a problem that this excellent looking and cleverly conceived PDF Haus Walkie Talkie Smartphone Case comes into play. By making use of short-range communication and Bluetooth technology, the case makes it is possible to control other devices via the smartphone.

This expanded usability provides key information options such as text, location, and emergency when you’re out adventuring and the PDF Haus Walkie Talkie Smartphone Case doesn’t just look great, it could genuinely help get you out of a sticky situation. If you find yourself without signal when out in the middle of nowhere and you require assistance, this clever piece of tech might just come to the rescue through its  built-in antenna at the top of the battery which works alongside the Bluetooth of the smartphone to amplify the signal of the short-distance communication in areas with no signal.

With a great level of functionality delivered through the case itself, such as the ability to send texts, location information and emergency alarm to other people in your group, even without phone signal. You’ll also be able to make radio communications with other users by pressing the physical button on the case in the same way as old two-way radios, in a touch of retro awesomeness.

Safety First

Although this design is still only a concept, there are plenty of safety applications that it could be applied to that should see plenty of interest in making it a commercially available product. It looks great for starters but the fact it can deliver communication capabilities in wilderness areas with no signal or reception is something that is certainly going to appeal to those adventurous souls who regular head out into the wild.

We’re loving the retro design meeting modern technology with this cracking PDF Haus Walkie Talkie Smartphone Case and the fact that it delivers such a useful performance really is the icing on the cake. We’re sure that there will be plenty of people out there joining us in having their fingers crossed in hoping this concept becomes a reality.

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