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With spring and summer now well and truly inbound, we can all start to turn our attention to outdoor cookouts and just spending time in our own gardens and outdoor spaces. With that in mind, we’ve turned our attention to finding the best of the best so far as outdoor accessories, gear and supplies are concerned and that leads us nicely onto Proud Pyro and their superb line up of wares that anyone who loves spending time outside is going to appreciate.

Proud Pyro are a Kansas based design workshop with big dreams of creating amazing outdoor products and, from what we’ve seen so far here at Coolector HQ, they’re delivering on this ambition wonderfully well already. A real hands on brand, Bad Idea Supply Co. conceive, design, fabricate, photograph, market, box, and ship everything that they create and believe in using as much American material and hardware as possible so when you purchase something from them, you know that’s made with care and built to last.

Check out a few of our favourite pieces from the guys at Bad Idea Supply Co. below:

Pyro Blaze Burn Cage (From $199)

If you’ve got the sort of property where you accumulate a lot of debris and rubbish that needs burning, you’re definitely going to want one of these Pyro Blaze Burn Cages from Proud Pyro in your life. Available in four different sizes from small to XXL, this cracking outdoor accessory is billed as the ultimate solution for burning all your yard detritus, card board boxes, and sensitive documents. A much better option than loose piles or old barrels, the brilliantly crafted Pyro Burn Cage is engineered to deliver first class airflow for hotter flames and more thorough burns. Made from American steel and 100% designed and crafted in the US, this is one uncompromisingly cool product in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. ($199+)

Latitude Fire Pit (From $199)

A fire pit is the mainstay of any backyard where a BBQ is a regular occurrence and they don’t come much better or cooler than the brilliant looking Latitude Fire Pit from Proud Pyro. This cracking construct is available in two sizes (24″ and 36″) and is a new take on the humble fire pit which expertly commingles precision design and contemporary visuals to deliver a striking centrepiece for your backyard – which just so happens to be mighty functional to boot. It boasts an array of cascading steel rings which are supported by a curved skeleton cut from a solid sheet of 3/16″ American Steel for the sort of durable robustness you’ll demand. It has an innovative interlocking design which can be assembled in just in minutes and is held firmly in place by a single bolt in the base of the unit. Perfect for keeping you toasty on those cooler spring and summer evenings. ($199+)

Maria Modern Picnic Table ($499)

It’s all well and good cooking some amazing BBQ food in your backyard but you’re going to want somewhere to sit down and chow down on it. Enter this superb looking Maria Modern Picnic Table from Proud Pyro. which comes as a DIY Kit which lets you to craft a picnic table to the length of your choosing using only locally sourced lumber. It uses 2×6 lumber meaning the final table will be 30-1/4″ tall and 58-1/4″ wide. This allows you to create a standard 6′ long table which will effortlessly seat up to 8 adults – and countless craft beers, hot dogs and burgers. ($499)

Pyro Fire Tower ($499)

Unquestionably one of Proud Pyro’s most popular products, the Pyro Fire Tower is a real sight to behold and will add a focal point to any backyard. More than a fire pit and more than a grill, this fantastic accessory combines the best elements of a charcoal grill, wood-fired smoker, and outdoor fireplace and delivers it in a shell that is built to last for generations. The Pyro Fire Tower is precision cut from heavy duty 3/16” American Steel – which is over three times thicker than the cheaper import alternatives that many other brands use and it stands up to even the most inclement weather conditions such as wind, hail, rain, snow and your yard debris. Made to last a lifetime in the outdoors, it will age naturally through the years in the stunning fashion which only steel can and develop a character unique to you. ($499)

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