We love the thought of having a home bar here at Coolector HQ and we have loftier dreams than the Don Draper-esque drinks trolley, however, and would much rather get our hands on one of these amazing looking constructs that goes by the name of the Honomobar. This is the dream ticket for anyone with a love of boozing and a substantial indoor or outdoor space to install this stunning bar crafted from recycled shipping containers.

The concept behind Honomobar is an extremely simple premise, namely taking a recycled shipping container, sprinkle some awesome design prowess upon it and turning it into a contemporary, versatile and a spectacular to look at bar that will be become the focal point of your entertaining at home or in the office. Needless to say, not everyone has got a shipping container sized plot of land going spare in their home or garden but, if you do, and you love making cocktails and craft beer, look no further.

Home is Where the Bar is

An extremely functional and versatile design means that the Honomobar can be placed just about anywhere that there is sufficient space for it. This can be a your backyard, by the pool, next to a lake, even up a mountain – basically anywhere you can think of having a pop up bar, the Honomobar can fill that void. Costing just shy of $20k, it’s not cheap of course but if you’ve always wanted the perfect home bar then you’ll be blown away by the aesthetic superiority of this amazing shipping container offering.

The Honomobar is filled with amazing features that will add to its appeal still further and, visually speaking, it will certainly elevate the aesthetic appeal of whichever area you choose to deploy it. It boasts a black aluminium roll shutter for nightly or seasonal lock up, a striking 3ft cedar overhang, a glorious looking Canadian fir treated butcher block style bar top and an acid wash steel accent panel for a great visual contrast to the finish.

Simple to install, the Honomobar doesn’t need any pre-laid foundations and it also doesn’t require plumbing or electrical installations so its just a question of plonking it where you want it and getting the beverages flowing. Currently only available for delivery across North America, the Honomobar is made to order and will take between four to six weeks from the minute you order until you’ve got it installed and pouring your first drink.

Drink in Style

Clearly not your average home drinking station, the Honomobar is a fully fledged bar unit that will be perfectly suited to those homeowners that entertain a lot as opposed to those who just want somewhere new to drink in their own home. The $20k price tag might seem like quite a lot but when you consider the excellent materials used in the construction and the striking nature of the finish, it begins to make more sense.

If you want 2018 to be your year of awesome parties and entertaining, investing in a Honomobar might just be the ideal place to start. Fantastic use of a shipping container and a gloriously stylish design combine to make this one of our favourite products of 2018 so far here at Coolector HQ.

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