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Watches are 0ne of our chief passions here at The Coolector and though we know that heritage is pivotal in establishing recognition in the major players in the horology industry, it would be folly to ignore the newcomers on the scene and the crowd funding platform Kickstarter is a veritable hotbed of designers looking to make their timepieces the next big thing and unquestionably one of the best we’ve seen recently is the visually impressive and rugged looking wares from Seals Watch Company.

Currently midway through their own campaign on Kickstarter, the Seals Watch Company have definitely begun to make waves and their limited edition, mechanical wristwatches that are inspired by the 1940’s era battle tanks & modern versions of the classic cafe racer motorcycle are certainly geared up to appeal to men who enjoy an active lifestyle and a luxurious timepiece on their wrist. The watchmakers themselves, who are situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, value craftsmanship above all else and this is a characteristic that positively shines through in the timepieces they are endeavouring to create.

With elegance and durability at the forefront of their thinking during the design phase, the finished product from Seals Watch Company look suitably sturdy and painfully stylish with an aesthetic reminiscent of a number of luxury watch brands (but without quite such a prohibitive price tag). We’re certainly impressed with the aesthetic appeal of these timepieces here at Coolector HQ and they’ve also got plenty of features that will placate watch lovers out there such as a 316L stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, anti-reflective glass front and a Miyota 9015 mechanical movement. Take a look at a few more shots of this impressive beast below:






A fantastically designed timepiece with a dedication to providing a top quality timepiece without the eye-watering price tag, there is much to admire with these excellent looking constructs from Seals Watch Company and for anyone who wants a highly striking, versatile and stylish timepiece, there is still an abundance of time to throw your support behind the project over on Kickstarter.

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