10 of the Best Menswear Brands for 2020

If you’re looking to ramp up your wardrobe choices over the next few months then you’re in luck because there is certainly no shortage of menswear brands to choose from out there. In fact, there might be too many so it becomes hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. Well, fear not, we’ve taken a stab at compiling a list of some of the finest purveyors of menswear on the market so you don’t have to.

Check out our pick of 10 of the best menswear brands for 2020 below:


A UK institution, Barbour are a menswear brand with a mighty impressive heritage and a stellar line of wares that covers every item of clothing you’re likely to need for your spring and summer adventures over the next few months. Barbour remains true to its core values as a family business which espouses the unique values of the British Countryside and delivers the qualities of wit, grit and functionality that all men will look for from their apparel. Whether it’s an iconic waxed jacket or something more understated like a Barbour polo shirt, you know the quality will be second to none and turn heads everywhere you go.


Another menswear favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ, Finisterre are inspired by adventure and the great outdoors. This UK based brand have something for every style and budget and we’re particularly partial to their printed tees. The brand was born over a decade ago from the needs of hardy British surfers and crafts functional and sustainable product for those that share a love of the sea. Finisterre take a pioneering approach to making better and more sustainable clothing and they’re committed to making informed decisions about their impact on the environment and are constantly trying to push boundaries to make the best product they can. So if you’re after menswear with an eco conscience, Finisterre will be right up your street.


We’re big fans of the laid back vibes but striking designs of the menswear from the guys at Howler Brothers. The ace shirts, tees, jackets and accessories from Howler Brothers aim to honour the soul, passion and timeless aesthetic of sports like surfing and fly fishing but delivering a much needed update to historic garment ideas with contemporary influence from waves, water, geography, fashion and art.

Each piece of apparel from Howler Brothers is made with versatility and attention to detail at the forefront of their thinking. They typically steer clear of trendy or overly traditional ideas and use small batch production processes and join forces with artists and craftsmen to deliver uniqe, alternative wares that we’re loving here at The Coolector. Their base of operations, Austin, Texas, might be miles from the nearest ocean but delivers daily inspiration with its vibrant and diverse creative culture.

P & CO

Birmingham based brand, P & Co, have been on our radar for many years here at Coolector HQ and we’ve always got a soft spot for their motorcycling and Americana inspired apparel. P & Co is the brainchild of two friends who wanted to build something that would give them creative freedom, and Provision & Co (to give them their full title) is the outcome of the Co-Founders’ passions; namely, custom design, art, music and pretty much anything with wheels.

P&Co began with a run of just 45 t-shirts which were all printed by hand. Fuelled by caffeine, creativity and some serious hard work, they’ve now grown into a global lifestyle brand which offers an epic range of menswear to suit any contemporary man’s wardrobe.


Another brand heavily influenced by motorcycling culture, Deus Ex Machina have one of the most extensive line up of gear on our list and if you’re after anything from printed tees to chinos, they’ve got something that will more than fit the bill. Great designs and craftsmanship typify this American brand and for any man with a love of two-wheeled adventures and outdoor activity pursuits, this brand will resonate with your sensibilities. They regularly release new capsules of tees and assorted menswear so make sure you find your way back to their site on the regular – we definitely do here at The Coolector.


After a new denim brand in 2020 that dares to do things a bit differently? Look no further than Naked & Famous Denim. Instead of utilising celebrity endorsements and expensive ad campaigns, Naked & Famous devote all of their resources to sourcing the world’s finest fabric and crafting it into unbeatable jeans and apparel. No advertising, no washes, no pre-distressing, no nonsense. Just first class denim at a price that won’t leave your wallet wincing.

Naked & Famous Denim travel to Japan many times a year to discover new fabrics, and to work with denim mills to create crazy things like glow-in-the-dark denim, cashmere blends, raspberry scratch-n-sniff, reflective denim, rainbow-fade denim and so much more. All of the brilliant denim goods from Naked & Famous are proudly cut, made and sewn in Canada. Always have been, always will be.


San Francisco based brand, Taylor Stitch, have definitely got their finger on the pulse when it comes to men’s fashion and all their dapper gear will ramp up the style of your wardrobe over the coming months. Whether it’s one of their button down shirts or their iconic moto leather jacket, there is a clear attention to detail with all their designs which is impossible to ignore.

Taylor Stitch clothing is crafted to perfection and responsibly built for the long haul. From fibre to fabric to factory to end functionality, Taylor Stitch has grown from a need for products without limitations that could handle chopping wood, surf sessions, snagging trout, or simply heading to the office in style and will be your go-to gear for years to come.


Today there’s certainly no lack of fussy, over-designed menswear that’s supposed to make life easier and ends up doing just the opposite. Flint & Tinder aim to do things differently and makes high quality apparel that’s simple but significant. All their clothing, which consists of hard-wearing, American style staples, are designed to do exactly what it says on the tin. We’re talking world-class fit and comfort. Rugged and refined style. And best of all, top-notch construction you can depend on wear after wear.


Inspired by the nature of the Pacific Northwest, Bridge & Burn have an impeccable line up of menswear that is understated and stylish in equal measure. They strive to craft wardrobe essentials for the individual in us all that look good for occasions both formal and casual. Each season, Bridge & Burn will look to the natural beauty of the region to inspire their versatile designs, offering utilitarian details, styles that equally prioritise form and function, and every piece is made from fabrics that will last the pace. Great visuals and versatility. Win, win.


Penfield was founded in 1975 in Hudson, Massachusetts by Harvey Gross, who was an iconic figure in the American outerwear industry who had championed the strength of down insulated outerwear for decades. When seeing the potential of the warm and protective garment technology, Gross acquired an old textile mill in Hudson and started to turn it into one of the few factories in the world which was skilled at the special manufacturing processes required to produce down insulated apparel.

Since the 70s, high-profile collaborations, innovative fabric developments and a dedication to quality, practicality, robustness, performance and effortless style have all caught the attention of wandering spirits across the globe who have fallen for Penfield’s awesome line up of menswear.

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