Shanghai Customs X Switch eScrambler Motorbike

Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming the norm for commuters nowadays and if you prefer two wheels to four, you’ll want to sit up and take notice of this amazing looking Shanghai Customs X Switch eScrambler Motorbike. It boasts a super cool aesthetic that will turn plenty of heads but also backs this up with a compelling performance that will set it apart from a lot of the other eBikes on the market.

The Shanghai Customs X Switch eScrambler Motorbike has been designed completely from scratch by ex-Yamaha Japan Advanced Labs Industrial Designer and former Danish Flat Tracking champion Michel Riis and it has a striking visual impact that is hard to ignore. This extraordinary looking machine needed to be able to handle fast speeds and have a good and practical ‘real world’ range (up to 150km/hr, 0–100 in 3.2 seconds, and minimum 150km range per charge). This required a completely new design and development from the ground up and the end result is the breathtaking steed you see before you.

Meaty Performance

This is certainly no slouch in the performance department and the Shanghai Customs X Switch eScrambler Motorbike is one of the most impressive eBikes we’ve seen in some time here at Coolector HQ. The eScrambler mid drive motor outputs a massive 50kW so was always going to be rapid and a super robust. The vast majority of electric bikes today typically hide parts away under plastics and fairings and use a drop in/perimeter style frame where the box slips in the middle and the controller sits on top under the tank or covering but this eBike uses a stunning double cradle style tube frame.

The minimalistic and uncompromising swing arm of this Shanghai Customs X Switch eScrambler Motorbike has been designed from the ground up and a lot of engineering work went into fitting it with the frame as well as the suspension and motor. It has a simple silhouette for the shape, which makes it look simple from afar, but there are a lot of small details to make it stand out when you are up close to the bike.

Aesthetics are all well and good, but for people to really fall in love with the Shanghai Customs X Switch eScrambler Motorbike, it needed to back this up with its performance. One of the main advantages of electric bikes over gas bikes is the unbeatable instant torque and this eBike wanted a battery/controller/motor combo that could do 0-100 3-3.2 seconds. It boasts some thoroughly impressive features packed under the hood which definitely make for an unparalleled performance out on the asphalt.

Classy Tech

The Shanghai Customs X Switch eScrambler Motorbike doesn’t do things by halves with the tech that it deploys and utilises. It has integrated wi-fi so the team behind it are able to see real-time updates and performance globally, lap times as well as a plethora of battery monitoring and other diagnostic information from anywhere in the world.

It is also equipped with built in GPS tracking, digital display, three speed modes, cruise control, battery level indicator, regenerative braking, USB phone charging and all the other gadgets that you would expect from a top of the range electric motorcycle. For anyone seeking the best of the best with their next eBike, this one is going to be very hard to beat.

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