1955 Ferrari 375 MM Coupe Speciale by Ghia

Though our budget definitely doesn’t extend to it, there’s no harm in looking at luxury vintage cars going under the hammer and RM Sotheby’s is always our first port of call for this undertaking. This is because of the fact they have extraordinary steeds like this 1955 Ferrari 375 MM Coupe Speciale by Ghia available at one of the upcoming auctions and though we dread to think how much this stunning machine will eventually go for, we’re in little doubt it will be worth every penny.

Needless to say, there aren’t many carmakers that boast better vintage machines than that of Ferrari and this 1955 375 MM Coupe Speciale by Ghia is a prime example of this fact. It is going under the hammer at RM Sotheby’s Monterrey auction in August and will definitely go on to become the crowning jewel of some lucky car enthusiast’s collection. This majestic looking ride is one of the most unique and impressive to have gone under the hammer with RM Sotheby’s and excitement surrounding it is already understandably high.

Out Of This World Performance

Despite being well over half a century old, the performance of this vintage Ferrari will leave any car enthusiast impressed to say the least. The 375 Mille Miglia was a car that was directly descended from the 4½ litre GP formula and the large engine which Aurelio Lampredi designed for it. A resounding success from day one, this breathtaking machine boasted a compelling performance and it was natural to tune the engine down a little to adapt to Ferrari’s two-tube frame and solid rear axle suspension.

The 1955 Ferrari 375 MM Coupe Speciale by Ghia’s engine was an all-alloy beauty with seven main bearings, single overhead camshafts with roller followers and hairpin valve springs and dual magneto ignition. With a mighty impressive four-speed fully synchronised gearbox which was mounted to the engine, driven by a multi-plate clutch, it offered a punchy performance on the track. Everything was built for strength and reliability with this eye-catching machine and it will make some car collector very happy if they can get their hands on it with RM Sotheby’s Monterrey auction.

With the chassis being conventional Ferrari, based on two parallel oval tubes in a welded ladder structure, there was scope for a little creativity with the overall design. Front suspension was independent by parallel unequal length A-arms with a transverse leaf spring, sway bar and Houdaille hydraulic shock absorbers. As the name implies, the 375 Mille Miglia was designed for the open roads and high speed circuits of European races. Reliable handling, no-nonsense construction and long, long legs were its attributes. The 375 MM was one of the most prolific of Ferrari’s early models and they are today among the most important and coveted of Ferrari’s classic Fifties sports-racers.

Rare Opportunity

It’s not everyday that a machine of the calibre of the 1955 Ferrari 375 MM Coupe Speciale by Ghia becomes available to purchase (although it undoubtedly won’t come cheap). This mesmerising machine has a highly eye-catching colour way that will turn heads aplenty when you hit the open road with it and it is in entirely remarkable condition considering that this beautiful Ferrari first rolled off the production line over six decades ago.

RM Sotheby’s have had some of the world’s most amazing machines going through their various auctions and this 1955 Ferrari 375 MM Coupe Speciale by Ghia is right up there with the best of them. It’s astounding visual impact coupled with the back story and breathtaking performance all come together to make this a one in a million opportunity to own a piece of automotive history for one lucky car enthusiast.

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