Aged & Ore Travel Decanter

If you like travelling with your favourite tipple in tow and like to travel in style, this Aged & Ore Travel Decanter, which is funding on Kickstarter right now, will probably be right up your street. It is a 500 ml hand blown decanter, which has been encased in two stainless steel double wall tumblers. This cracking travel accessory has been designed to preserve your spirits during travel and ensure they taste just as a good as when when you set off.

The Aged & Ore Travel Decanter has proven immeasurably popular over on Kickstarter and considering you can get your hands on one for as little as $44, it’s not difficult to see why this is the case. It is essentially two integrated tumblers with a metal decanter stopper to keep your spirits fresh on the go. It has a patent pending design and is double wall insulated to ensure that your spirits remain at the perfect temperature whilst you’re travelling.

Classy Design

There is a certain Don Draper vibe to drinking spirits so it goes without saying that you’re going to want a classy looking decanter for your travels and this one from Aged & Ore certainly doesn’t disappoint. It has a hand blown glass finish with a gold foil logo baked into the base of the decanter for the ultimate in stylish looks. It has a 500ml capacity which will be more than enough of your favourite spirit whilst travelling and the wide decanter mouth and neck make it easy to pour and makes sure you don’t spill a drop.

The Aged & Ore Travel Decanter ($44) has been designed to be as robust as possible so regardless of what sort of adventures you plan on taking it on, it’s not going to let you down from a performance perspective. The hand blown glass decanter preserves the taste of your favourite spirits (there’s a reason spirits are sold in glass bottles) and the decanter is available in three different colourways – namely, Matte Black, Gloss White and Brush Stainless Silver.

If you want an extra touch of uniqueness to your Aged & Ore Travel Decanter, you can pay a little extra to personalise your design during the Kickstarter campaign. You can get your name etched onto the top of the decanter along with the number of your Kickstarter pledge of between 1-250. The double-wall stainless steel shell not only insulates the decanter remarkably well, it provides impact and shock resistance to boot.

Travel in Style

Whether you’re heading out into the wild on a camping trip or on a long train journey and want to make sure you’ve got a good amount of your favourite spirit in tow, there is no better candidate for the job than this Aged & Ore Travel Decanter on Kickstarter. It has positively flown past its funding target on the platform which is testament to the fact there are a lot of people out there who have been waiting for a solution as dapper as this to hit the market.

With prices starting at just $44, the Aged & Ore Travel Decanter doesn’t break the bank and offers the sort of robust, resilient performance which is a must for day to day use but not at the expense of aesthetics – which are about as classy as they come. If you want to ramp up the style of your EDC this year, this excellent accessory from Aged & Ore gets our vote here at Coolector HQ.

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