1967 Volkswagen Bus / Vanagon

Road trips are a right of passage for many and hitting the open road in search of adventure is one of the few simple pleasures in life. These experiences are invariably made all the better if the vehicle which you choose for the journey is up to scratch and we can’t think of many contraptions better suited for the job than this 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon which is up for auction as we speak and is the ultimate adventure wagon.

This 1967 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon is being sold in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a real one of a kind machine that has to be seen to be believed and fully appreciated. With a muted grey exterior juxtaposed with a vibrant orange interior, this stunning steed will be turning plenty of heads when you take it out in search of adventure. A real automotive classic that has been carefully restored to produce a genuinely breathtaking machine that has got road trip written all over it.

Adventure Awaits

We love the thought of hitting the open road in an old school VW here at The Coolector and we’ve seen few better examples of this iconic machine than this one. With just over 50,000 miles on the clock, a 4-speed manual transition and a 1.5L engine, this spectacular vehicle really is one in a million and we’re in little doubt that the lucky individual that gets their hands on it our in for an absolute treat.

VW vans are one of the most timeless vehicles on the market and they are utterly synonymous with road trip adventures. This 1967 Volkswagen Bus / Vanagon harks back to their golden age and boasts all manner of striking features both internally and externally that will ensure the jealously goes through the roof whenever you rock up somewhere in this. One of the biggest stand out design features is the wing-esque doors that open vertically and look amazing when both fully opened.

With an asking price just shy of $90k, it’s obviously not a cheap option if you’re after a road tripping machine but it’s definitely one of the best in terms of adding to the overall experience and enjoyment of spending time out on the open road. The design is going to really appeal to some vintage movie fans as it pays homage to Marty McFly and Doc Brown and features a working Flux Capacitor and accurate recreation of Doc’s time machine from the original Back To The Future movie.

Restoration Sensation

The attention to detail that has gone into the restoration of this iconic 60’s VW, both inside and out, is second to none and makes it worthy of it’s lofty price tag. The rear seat passengers get to enjoy an excellent screen to view the favourite movies whilst out on the road. And, as mentioned, the driver and passenger doors are custom built in a gullwing style which really does add a touch of flair aesthetically speaking.

For those of you with the spirit for adventure (and a spare $90k burning a hole in your pocket) we can think of few better things to spend your money on than this phenomenal contraption. We’re loving the nods to Back To The Future within its design and it really will make hitting the open road a real pleasure and comfortable in the extreme.

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