1Man1Garage Vintage Camper Birdhouse

We’ve featured a few pet accessories here on the pages of The Coolector but have yet to feature anything that caters to wilder animals and birds in particular but something has well and truly caught our eye which is simply too cool (and bonkers) to be ignored. Say hello to these ace looking Vintage Camper Birdhouses from 1Man1Garage which will see the birds in your garden nesting in some considerable style this spring and summer.

1Man1Garage is a Nashville, Tennesse, based woodworker who loves creating eye-catching designs but it is these superb looking Vintage Camper Birdhouses that have really turned our heads here at The Coolector. If you’ve got an abundance of birds in your back garden that you’re wanting to treat to an upmarket home over the coming months, this would unquestionably be our top pick and the brilliant retro vibes of the design will add a touch of visual flair to your outdoor areas.

Vintage Vibes

Handmade from birch wood, these Vintage Camper Birdhouses from 1Man1Garage are a quirky, fun and great looking means of giving the birds in your garden somewhere to get respite from the elements and are perfectly suited to those homeowners with a love of all things retro. Coming in kit form for you to assemble yourself, these super cool Vintage Camper Birdhouses take their design inspiration from old photographs from a trailer the creator once had – namely, a 1974 Scotty.

The construction of the Vintage Camper Birdhouse from 1Man1Garage is fairly straightforward but the detailing means you have endless possibilities with making this kit personal to you. Ideally suited to giving birds exactly the sort of habitat they want with little windows which are just the right size to peak in, but still give the new hatch-lings safety and security from predators and the elements. At around 1:20 scale, there is an impressive attention to detail in the design and this would make a great workspace storage solution as well if you don’t fancy treating the birds in your garden.

This cracking piece of design comes flat-packed and no glue is required to put them together with each piece just snapping into place. Each kit comes with over 40 parts to build the miniature camper and this includes awnings on three sides, plus flowers for the two window boxes, curtains, a spare tire, leveling jack, a welcome mat, two flamingos and even a classic Weber style grill to add a homely feel to this awesome looking birdhouse.

Cool Campers

Camper vans definitely have an old school cool and most people would love to go on a road trip aboard one of these iconic machines but if that’s outside of the budget, then getting your hands on one of these Vintage Camper Birdhouses from 1Man1Garage will at least give the birds in your vicinity the experience. Brilliantly designed and crafted, these are an essential addition to any bird lover’s garden.

Measuring around 9 inches long, 6 inches wide (with awnings), and almost 5 inches tall, there will be plenty of space within for baby birds and their parents to provide a protective environment from the big wide world outside. A great little design project that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ.

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