Ruark Audio MRx Connected Wireless Speaker

Finding the best audio device for your home is an undertaking that all of us will face from time to time and it’s all about finding the best tech brands on the market and Ruark Audio unquestionably sit at the top table in this regard. As if to prove this point, they’ve just announced the Ruark Audio MRx Connected Wireless Speaker which looks very much like being one of the best audio devices you can get your hands on in 2018.

The Ruark Audio MRx Connected Wireless Speaker is designed without compromise and includes all the incredible features that the brand wanted to put into it. It is Ruark’s first connected wireless speaker and it is available for purchase from May/June 2018. As we’ve come to expect from Ruark, the MRx is something that is a cut above and boasts first rate sound performance and a wide range of abilities – making it the ideal audio system for your lounge, kitchen, workspace or study.

Exceptional Sound Performance

Delivering unparalleled streaming performance, the Ruark Audio MRx Connected Wireless Speaker has been specifically crafted with wireless streaming in mind and delivers a superb range of options. When you want direct streaming, its Bluetooth receiver provides a quick and easy connection and with aptX technology you will enjoy CD quality sound from all your Bluetooth compatible devices.

The Ruark Audio MRx Connected Wireless Speaker really makes the most of a broadband internet connection and allows access to internet radio and a more or less infinite library catalogue of music via online services such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, with Amazon Music also being adding into the mix soon. In addition to this, you can also stream music that you have stored on other networked computers and directly from your phone – so, no matter how you like to listen to your favourite tunes, the MRx has got you covered.

Boasting an exceptional, high-fidelity performance, the MRx has new speaker units which are based upon the driver technology from Ruark’s award-winning MR1 Mk2 devices. A brand new cone and coil assembly coupled with the robust and powerful neodymium magnet system delivers a full-range driver with unparalleled performance. These drivers are mounted as a stereo pair into tuned bass reflex enclosures and powered by a high-fidelity two channel Class A-B amplifier which is responsible for the magnificent performance of this audio device from Ruark.

Simple Set-Up

Extremely simple to control and set-up, the MRx Connected Wireless Speaker from Ruark Audio has a cool looking controller situated on the front of the device which allows volume and source to be easily changed, but for even more control of the device, it has a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices called Ruark LINK. This gives you full control of all MRx functions and also displays information on the music that is being played.

Hitting the shelves in a month or so’s time, excitement is already high surrounding the MRx Connected Wireless Speaker given its mighty impressive capabilities and we’re big fans of its old school style aesthetic here at Coolector HQ. If you find yourself in the market for a new audio device in 2018, they’re not going to come much better or more accomplished than this first rate offering from one of the best audio brands on the market.

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