2018 Volvo XC60 Review

Volvo’s most recent crop of vehicles have taken the automaker to a whole new level. Once known mainly for safety, Volvo is now better known for its design and styling. The company’s latest vehicles offer an undeniably cool and sophisticated style unlike anything else out on the market. Its vehicles are different enough to be interesting without being polarizing. The XC60 is Volvo’s latest effort, and we had a chance to get behind the wheel of the T6 Inscription model to see just how good it really is.

The XC60 takes many of its visual cues from the larger XC90. This is a good thing. The Volvo XC90 is styled like nothing else we’ve seen in the market, and the XC60 continues this in a model that’s more compact and athletic. From the B-pillar forward, it’s easy to mistake the XC60 for its larger sibling, but from mid-point back, the model is more squat and lively looking.

Continuing the Volvo Renaissance

Still, there are styling elements that make this model immediately recognizable as a Volvo. There’s the Thor’s Hammer headlights, the unique L-shaped taillights, the oval Volvo corporate grille and many of the same lines and curves featured on other vehicles. The model fits into Volvo’s lineup perfectly, offering a five-passenger SUV that’s rivaled by few other new vehicles.

Volvo being the company that it is, had to equip the model with plenty of safety features. Our test vehicle came with numerous sensors and cameras that provided assistance during parking and while on the road. With adaptive cruise control and lane keeping aid, the Volvo XC60 essentially drives itself on the highway, and the driver aids make parking and avoiding collisions simple.

The 2.0-liter turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder engine makes 316 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, propelling the vehicle along with ease. In dynamic drive mode, the XC60 feels downright sporty. In comfort drive mode, it’s not as energetic but well-mannered and easy to control. All-wheel drive is available and provides some mild off-road capability.

Powerful, Safe and Superbly Styled

The XC60 is a modern feast for the eyes. Its exterior will age well. The non-polarizing styling elements give it a look that is both modern and timeless. What’s most interesting about it, though, is its interior. The cabin features a style we can only see coming from Sweden, a kind of Scandinavian chic that no other automaker is doing right now.

It’s elegant in ways that other interiors aren’t. It puts to shame the boorish styles from American automakers, and beats out the designs from German automakers, as well. The 9-inch touchscreen display eliminates the need for a lot of unsightly buttons on the dash, and the driftwood trim and upscale materials throughout the interior make for a wonderful place to be. If a premium SUV is in your future, look no further.

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