Plús Hús

Getting on the property ladder nowadays is harder and harder for most people so it is often required to think outside the box a little in order to get a property you’d be happy to live in and for those who want a small but perfectly formed dwelling that doesn’t cost the earth, the Plús Hús might just be the ideal solution.

The Plús Hús is a 16’ x 20’ customisable contemporary structure which can be used in more or less any way you want, and be situated almost anywhere you want to make it a highly versatile solution to today’s lack of affordable housing. Boasting some extremely clever design features that make the most of the limited space within, this cracking idea really has captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ and we dare say there will be plenty of others equally enamoured at the possibilities it presents.

Striking Style

Despite the relatively small dimensions of the Plús Hús, it’s hard not to be won over by the aesthetics within and the sheer scope of options in terms of how the layout can be formatted. This mighty impressive piece of design gives you 320 square feet of floor space for the ultimate in minimalist living that will compel you do away with the clutter you’ve accumulated and focus on the essential items in your life.

Whether you use the Plús Hús as your primary dwelling or an extension of your existing home, it offers a great amount of freedom to do what you want in terms of the interior design components. It can be a home office, that provides the perfect work environment away from your main house so you can really focus on your work and become so much more productive during the working day. Additionally, it could be deployed as a man cave, filled with big-screen televisions, gadgets and arcade machines (and a fridge full of craft beer) – which would definitely be what we’d be leaning towards here at Coolecor HQ.

One of the chief benefits of the Plús Hús is the fact that it is both incredibly practical and environmentally friendly. It is sustainably manufactured in Los Angeles, California, and each Plús Hús is made with mnmMOD panels to deliver a robust, long lasting, energy efficient structure that really will stand the test of time and protect you from the elements wherever you choose to put it.

Customisable To Your Needs

Needless to say, not everyone is going to want to use the Plús Hús in the same way and that’s why it boasts an innovative, customisable design to ensure you can create exactly the space that you’re after. It is available in three main configuration lay-outs and a number of choices for finishing materials are available so you can also achieve the aesthetic look you’re after for the outside of the structure.

Extremely easy to set up and install, the Plús Hús is going to appeal on multiple levels. Each one is delivered directly to your site and assembled by their team of builders to ensure each element is properly installed and works as required. Choosing from a simple open space with three walls and a sliding door or a more complex living structure that includes a bathroom and cooking space, the possibilities are endless with this great piece of design.

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