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New York is one of our favourite places on earth here at Coolector HQ so whenever you come across a series of timepieces that take their inspiration from the inimitable Manhattan, you always have to sit up and take notice – particularly when the watches on offer are as eye-catching and stylish as this first rate collection from the guys at 3rd And Nevins.

Funding over on Kickstarter as we speak, this New York inspired series of watches from 3rd And Nevins is going to appeal to anyone with minimalist sensibilities and a love of well made, stylish watches with more than a dash of visual flair. The superb selection of 3rd And Nevins Watches are chic, sophisticated and the sort of timepiece that is suitable for wear day in, day out regardless of the occasion.

New York State of Mind

The watches from 3rd And Nevins take their ethos inspiration from an area in Brooklyn where the brand’s creator family, Rob Banjany, settled in the 1900’s and this is something that permeates the design and finish of these wonderfully well conceived and crafted watches which can be picked up for a bargain price on Kickstarter right now.

3rd And Nevin Watches aims to deliver a series of timepieces which are timelessly elegant and give you a sense of freedom to live with no regrets and love the accessories that you wear. As a style statement, a watch really needs to have some stand out features and these ones from 3rd And Nevins have plenty of those and they will have horology aficionados nodding in approval at the calibre of the craftsmanship and the materials used throughout the creation of these understated and dapper timepieces.


Whether you’re wearing a 3rd And Nevins Watch for work or play, it’s always going to look the part courtesy of the well thought out design and multitude of faces and straps to choose from. With an abundance of great specifications that belie the watch’s affordability over on Kickstarter, including a Swiss Ronda movement, sapphire crystal glass casing, sheepskin Italian leather straps and a 3ATM water resistance to name but a few, it’s easy to see why excitement is high surrounding this new watch brand.

Affordable Fashion

If there’s one feature of watches that is always difficult to swallow, it is invariably that of the lofty price tags but with these great looking offerings from 3rd And Nevins, you’re getting a stylish, well crafted watch that doesn’t break the bank and comes with a 5 year guarantee as well.

An extremely versatile timepiece with interchangeable straps and wide variety of faces and styles to choose from over on Kickstarter, this is one watchmaker that we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on here at Coolector HQ because we don’t want to miss out on any new watches that they make.

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