Local Motors Cruiser

For those living in urban environments that want a little more flexibility with their mode of transportation than would be afforded from a car, you’re main choices consist of motorbike, bicycle or electric bike. But with this stunning Local Motors Cruiser, you’re essentially getting an amazing steed that borrows from each to deliver a truly stunning means of getting from A to B in style.

The Local Motors Cruiser is an amazing amalgamation of retro style design with modern craftsmanship and materials to deliver the sort of transportation that you’re going to love if you’re looking for a stylish means of getting about. This amazing machine doesn’t just look amazing, it also has some mighty impressive technology, materials and specifications that more than match its aesthetic superiority.

Riding In Style

Vintage visuals really propel this miraculous looking machine to a whole new level and if we had our choice of vehicles here at Coolector HQ, you can rest assured that this Local Motors Cruiser would be sitting pretty close to the top of the list. The minute you lay eyes on this first rate piece of craftsmanship, it will be love at first site and the retro vibe with the design will really make it stand out from the competition.

It doesn’t rest on its visual prowess, however, and the Local Motors Cruiser makes sure it also delivers from a performance point of view through the superb craftsmanship and excellent choice of materials throughout. The Local Motors Cruiser is the second version of their bike and it was chosen for the production version based upon feedback that was received from their prototype machines. Feedback indicated the bike required a more high end feel to it to justify the $3800 asking price and, as you can see from the images, they have well and truly delivered on this side of things.

Almost impossibly stylish and striking, the Local Motors Cruiser is one of the coolest looking contraptions we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ and for those of you with a love of retro, it excels in every way. Just some of the most stand out features of this steed include a matte black powder coat for the frame, Italian sourced red dyed leather was picked for the lashings for extra visual gravitas and laser etching was used to enhance the look of the custom in-house designed transmission and gas tank.

Little Design Details

The devil really is in the detail with the Local Motors Cruiser and it is filled with racking little design features such as a Brooks saddle for additional comfort, hand grips that are wrapped in 3mm silicone and black leather, fastened with a contrasting red cross stitching for a striking finish and a chrome/ brushed aluminium finish for all of the contraption’s mechanical and moving components.

Designed by Ianis Vasilatos and Aurelien Francois  and engineered by Matt Jackson, Corey Renner and Nestor Llanos, the Local Motors Cruiser is a fine machine indeed and we’ve well and truly fallen for aesthetics and capabilities here at Coolector HQ and whilst we’re not currently in need of a steed like this, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this team of designers and engineers to see what else they create in the coming months.

Price: $3800

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