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Have you ever bought a watch because you loved the aesthetic of the dial but could take or leave the strap it comes with? If so, you’re not alone and that’s why brands like Artem Straps are positively thriving. Offering horology aficionados the chance to radically improve the aesthetic of their timepiece is the bread and butter of the guys at Artem and, quite frankly, their lineup of watch straps are some of the coolest and classiest we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ.

Artem Straps focus on sailcloth straps and they are not just a brand, but a state of mind, which is embodied in their motto – “Ars est celare Artem” (true art conceals the means by which it is achieved). Their philosophy is straightforward, firstly, their products embody the artisan, and secondly, fine engineering defines the functionality. Artem sailcloth watch straps are designed, crafted and tested to guarantee the highest level of comfort and functionality, without compromise. Put simply, if you want a classy new sailcloth strap for your favourite watch, Artem should be your first port of call.

A Touch of Class

What really sets Artem apart from the crowd is the fact that they were not looking to make a product for the average consumer. Rather, they are two friends who were looking to make the perfect strap for their own collection. They welcome you to join them on this exciting journey by becoming part of the Artem family and adding one of their devilishly dapper straps to your wrist. Size wise, these straps come in 20mm, 21mm, 22mm and 23mm, which will be joined by a 19mm strap at the end of this month. So, there really is a strap to suit all wrist types and style persuasions.

Whether you own an Omega, Rolex or a timepiece from one of the many micro brands on the market, the Artem Watch Straps will definitely look the business and ramp up the style of your favourite timepiece considerably. At just $85, their excellent straps represent fantastic value for money when you consider that they will give a whole new lease of life to your favourite timepiece and, pleasingly, there is almost no “break-in” period required to overcome the dreaded stiff strap syndrome.

The great-looking sailcloth straps from Artem boast tapered proportions with purposely integrated padding which is responsible for delivering unparalleled comfort. Their top-notch straps are available in five popular colours and four convenient sizes to suit your favourite timepiece. They are uncompromisingly created for the perfectionist and we’ll definitely be adding an Artem strap to our own collection here at Coolector HQ. And you should too.

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