5 Air Freshener Essentials for Fall from Drift

You can’t beat a good air freshener in our opinion here at The Coolector and the guys at Drift are always a first port of call for us whenever we’re in need of some new ones because the quality and diversity of their offerings is second to none. Drift care about clean scents, and they’re mighty glad that you do too. Drift’s signature scents will never contain parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, dea, mineral oil, petroleum, propylene, or dichlorobenzene like you find in most other scent companies and, if you’re looking for air fresheners that you can feel good about, look no further.

Drift have an awesome platform to ensure your home and vehicle will always be smelling its best. With Drift you will get fresh, real scents delivered to your doorstep on your automated schedule. They will be free of harsh chemicals and crafted with natural essential + fragrance oils, with no additives. What really sets Drift apart, at least in our opinion here at The Coolector, is the unparalleled aesthetics of their wares. Seldom do you see air fresheners with the sleek, Scandinavian style chic of these ones and if you’re looking to add a touch of class alongside an alluring aroma, Drift have got your back. Check out our pick of 5 air freshener essentials from the guys at Drift below:

Drift Reed Diffuser | $24

Crafted from Drift’s premium clean scents, these excellent Reed Diffusers come in a matte glass bottle with matching black rattan reeds. They deliver low maintenance scent diffusion for up to 60 days, no matches required, these will allow you to easily scent any small space in style.

Drift Stone Air Freshener | $12

Available in an array of different aromas including coffee, teak and amber, these Stone Air Fresheners from Drift will leave your car smelling fresh all day long. Each one is made of an organic stone blend specifically formulated for strong even scent distribution all month long. You can attach the magnetic back to your drift visor clip and enjoy their longest-lasting freshener yet.

Drift Room Spray | $12

For a quick fix to any lingering smells, a room spray is tough to beat and these ones from Drift are particularly intoxicating. With scents including cabana, PSL, teak and grove, you’ll definitely be able to find an aroma that appeals and at just $12, it doesn’t cost the earth to keep your home smelling great this fall.

Drift Wood Air Freshener | $8

Another one for keeping your car smelling its best, the Wood Air Freshener from Drift is a design favourite of ours here at The Coolector. They’ve got a very October appropriate scent for October with the PSL aroma. Changing leaves, flannel-coloured nostalgia, and all things pumpkin are the order of the day with this one. PSL is Drift’s take on a true-to-the-season scent that’s anything but basic. 

Drift Charcoal Bag Deodorizer | $12

Another innovative offering, Drift’s activated charcoal deodorizer is designed to remove unwanted odours and moisture from the home without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins. If you want to make sure your air fresheners deliver the best aromas without the potentially harmful side effects, this is the one for you.

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