Hookie Co Tardigrade Motorbike

It’s not inconceivable that we’ll be living on other planets in the not too distant future perhaps and, when we do, we’ll need machines to get around most likely and, truth be told, you’re not likely to see any cooler than this Tardigrade Motorbike from Hookie Co. Billed as the world’s first moon concept motorcycle, this stunning steed is inspired by future and past adventures to orbit, Andrey Fabishevsky visualized a lunar concept motorcycle back in 2020. An exploration vision that Nico Mueller (CEO of Hookie Co.) and his crew realised from the technical site. The Tardigrade will be displayed from mid-October 2021 at the Petersen Automotive Museum as a part of the ADV:Overland exhibition.

There is a distinct retro-modern vibe to the Hookie Co Tardigrade Motorbike and it sees this impressive workshop push the boundaries of design limitations to conceive a vehicle that could conceivably travel on the surface of the moon or other lower gravity planets. The quality of the design is second to none and we’re loving the NASA branding across the machine which adds to its interstellar look and feel still further. With space travel becoming more and more mainstream, chances are we’ll be seeing more amazing machines like this before too long.


The bike is named Tardigrade after a microbe that have been found everywhere in Earth’s biosphere. From mountain tops to the deep sea and mud volcanoes, and from tropical rainforests to the Antarctic. Tardigrades are among the most resilient animals known to man, with individual species able to survive extreme conditions of almost any kind. Tardigrades are true survivors who have also endured the rigours of outer space and that’s why they served as the ideal inspiration for this breathtaking motorbike from Hookie Co.

Beautifully designed, the Hookie Co Tardigrade Motorbike really does capture the essence of previous space exploration vehicles and delivers it into an utterly convincing looking motorbike. Simultaneously, it is a symbol for the disentanglement of the mind. And for empowerment. The whole project purposively ignores borders – those of countries, continents, role stereotypes and the status quo. This shines through in the finished design aesthetic of the Tardigrade and we’re loving everything about it here at Coolector HQ.

Designed to explore the moon’s surface and beyond, the Hookie Co Tardigrade truly is a sight to behold and an unparalleled piece of concept design. The passenger can carry different types of equipment and with a speed limit of 15km/h (9 mph) it has a battery range for almost 110km. It is the perfect combination of ultra lightweight materials and changeable airless tire pieces that ensures that the Space-Crew to tackle any obstacle on its mission. It was a vision with hurdles. But Hookie Co proofed it. And the end result is awesomeness.

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