5 Awesome Watches for Under £1000

It’s is perhaps abundantly clear that watches are something that we’ve got a lot of time for (if you’ll excuse the awful pun) here at Coolector HQ and we’re always on the hunt for cool new watchmakers and celebrating those with tradition too.

Luxury watches are a pretty expensive commodity of course but you can still get your hands on some superb timepieces without having to remortgage your home and we take a look at five of our favourite watchmakers where you can pick up a glorious timepiece for under £1000. Take a look at our picks below:

1: Farer Watches

farer watches

British designed and Swiss made watches, these painfully cool and stylish watches from Farer are a real favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ. Available in plenty of different styles and materials to match your personal tastes, you can pick up these superb looking watches for under £500.

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2: Alpina Watches


Whilst not all of Alpina’s range is available for under £1000, a lot of them are and this Swiss watchmaker has a fine tradition of crafting top of the range timepieces. We’re particularly big fans of their aviation / pilot style watches at The Coolector and if you’re looking for a top class timepiece for under a grand, this would be our choice.

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3: Filson Watches

filson watches

One of our favourite purveyors of outdoor lifestyle goods, Filson, recently entered the world of watchmaking and we’re delighted to report the quality of their timepieces are frightfully good and have made it onto our list. Stylish, understated and crafted from top notch materials, a Filson watch will set you back between £300-£600 typically.

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4: Oak & Oscar Watches


Coming in right on the £1000, these awesome looking timepieces from American watchmaker, Oak & Oscar are so popular that they are currently sold out. We’ve got a lot of time for small-batch watchmakers like this here at Coolector HQ and that’s even more so when the quality is as high as that witnessed with these gloriously crafted and immeasurably stylish watches.

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5: Throne Watches

throne watches

Brooklyn based watchmakers, Throne Watches, originally focused on straps but they’ve recently made the foray into full on watchmaking and we’re mighty glad they did because the quality of their timepieces speaks for themselves. If you’re after a mid-level cost but top notch aesthetic and materials, this New York watchmaker is the one for you.

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