Travelling Cars Adventure

In our opinion here at Coolector HQ, road trips are invariably the best type of trip and that’s why we’ve found ourselves so impressed with this first rate photography project called Travelling Cars Adventure by Swiss photographer, Kim Leuenberger, that supplants toy cars into all sorts of awesome looking travel destinations.

Growing up in the Jura mountains region of Switzerland, Leuenberger definitely had some mighty picturesque backdrops to inspire her love of photography and that is something which definitely shines through in this Travelling Cars Adventure series of images.

Somewhat suitably, relying heavily on a VW Camper for a lot of the images, these cleverly composed and engaging photos have definitely caught our eye here at The Coolector. You can take a look through some of the best below:










We love creative photography here at Coolector HQ and this superb travel inspired collection by Kim Leuenberger is a playful, inspiring series that is very much giving us the road trip bug. There are few better feelings than hitting the open road and exploring a whole new landscape and this Travelling Cars Adventure is the ideal celebration of this way of life.

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