5 Camping Essentials for Summer Adventures

Now that we’re in the full throws of summer, many men will be turning their attention to treks into the wild to sleep under the stars and in order to make the most of such adventures, it’s always a good idea to surround yourself with some great camping accessories – we take a look at five of the most essential below:

1. Poler Stuff Toastie Maker


Needless to say, toasties are the food of the gods and they will instantly make any camping trip ten times better. They’re not the easiest sustenance to whip up out in the wild or, at least, they weren’t before the dawn of the awesome looking and performing Poler Stuff Toastie Maker which would definitely be the first thing we pack on any camping trip this summer.

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2. Rumpl Blanket


Even in the summer, the temperatures can dip drastically overnight and, for that reason, you’ll definitely need a suitable blanket to keep you cosy during any camping excursion. They don’t come much better than the wide array of offerings from the guys at Rumpl and, better still, they’ve even got a miniature version for your craft beers.

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3. Bradley Mountain Camp Cards


For any downtime during a camping trip, you’ll want something to keep you entertained and these super cool, illustrative playing cards from the guys at Bradley Mountain are just the ticket. Perfect for some impromptu blackjack or poker with some craft beers and delicious toasties!

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4. Stable Goods Canteen


If, like us, you’re concerned with giving your craft beer a good home during any camping trips, these ace looking Stable Goods Canteens will more than fit the bill. Aesthetically superior and perfect for coffee and ale alike, they are one of the first things that you should be packing away for any summer adventures.

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5. Scosche BoomBottle


Tunes are a must when camping but you’ll want a resilient beast to pump them out given the bumps and scrapes that your gadgets are likely to be subjected to during a woodland adventure. The Scosche BoomBottle is about as robust as they come and also has charging capabilities to keep your other gadgets juiced during the trip.

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