O’Douds Summer 2016 Range

When it comes to men’s grooming products, there’s little doubting there are some that, if you’ll excuse the god awful pun, head and shoulders above the competition and in our opinion here at Coolector HQ, they simply don’t get any better than American grooming goods pedlars, O’Douds – a fact that is well and truly emphasised by the awesome looking summer 2016 collection of wares.

One of the main elements that keeps us coming back time and time again to the O’Douds site is their impeccable branding and the sheer coolness of their products and this is very much in evidence once again with their latest range of soaps, pomades, colognes et al. It’s fair to say that when you find a grooming brand that you love, you’ll stick with them pretty much forever (particularly if you’re a man and don’t like change) but when the goods are as fantastically well crafted and branded as those from O’Douds, this level of loyalty is entirely justified.

The best thing about O’Douds, in our humble opinion at The Coolector, is that they genuinely spend inordinate amounts of time facilitating partnerships with cool artists, brands, barbers and photographers to make their products as good as they can be and this is something which positively shines through in their 2016 summer collection. Check out a few shots of what new products you can get your hands on below:





The quality of the ingredients used in the products from O’Douds is second to none and they take great care in ensuring all of their grooming goods are top quality, natural, and well-sourced. For any chap on the hunt for some new grooming products that will not only do them the world of good but will also instantly ramp up the style and visual appeal of your bathroom, it’s fair to say that O’Douds would be our first port of call.

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