5 Men’s Grooming Essentials from Mad Viking

If your dopp kit is looking a bit sorry for itself as we head into fall, now is the time to give it a revamp and invest in some quality men’s grooming essentials that will see you through to winter. Mad Viking are one of our favourite grooming brands here at The Coolector and they boast a stellar line up of wares that will keep your beard, face and hair happy whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. Check out our pick of 5 men’s grooming essentials from the guys at Mad Viking below:


If you are after for the best cleansing and growth-promoting Biotin Beard Wash and moisturising Biotin Beard Conditioner anywhere out there, then you need look no further than this Mad Viking Biotin Beard Wash and Biotin Beard Conditioner combo ($27). It has been purpose-built and designed for coarser hair types and it nourishes your beard with strengthening Hydrolyzed Rice Protein and Pro-Vitamin B5. It will leave your skin and beard both hydrated and healthy with added Olive and Jojoba Oil and this one is Mad Viking Beard Team tested and approved. ($27)


Mad Viking designed their soap to gently cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, and condition the skin and hair while ensuring they use the best all-natural ingredients.  The addition of Aloe enhances the anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of this already amazing beard and body bar, resulting in healthy skin and an unbeatable beard that Odin himself would approve of.  A refreshing cherry poppin’ bar made with organic aloe and other top-notch natural ingredients. This Odin’s Rok beard & body soap bar goes great with our other Odin’s Rok scented grooming products. ($6.50)


If you’ve got to tame your hair or beard, you might as well look the part while you’re doing it with the Mad Viking 2 in 1 beard and moustache comb ($10). The sandalwood beard and moustache comb is as stylish as it is functional. The robust, perfectly polished teeth of these combs don’t just get the tangles out, they effortlessly glide through them in the process. And yet, the teeth are also fine enough to use for styling as well. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, this will quickly become the favourite weapon in your hair care lineup.


Valhalla Beard & Body Lotion Spray ($14.99) is a lightweight utility lotion that has been formulated for use as a spray-mist for quick and effective coverage that never feels too greasy or heavy on the skin, beard or hair. This lotion delivers softening, soothing support to all skin types and hair with the power of Jojoba Oil, which does a great job of mirroring the skin’s own natural oils. The Beard & Body Lotion Spray can be used on your beard, body and hair for all-around use and an easy on the go application. Mad Viking have packed the Beard & Body Lotion with some all-natural high-quality ingredients that provide numerous benefits to overall skin and hair health. ($14.99)


[Rag-nar-rock]: The Doom of the Gods,  the name the pre-Christian Norse gave to the end of their mythical cycle, during which the cosmos is destroyed and is subsequently re-created serves as the inspiration for this beard elixir from Mad Viking. The Ragnarok Beard Oil ($18) has a heavy citrus profile that presents itself in an incredibly smooth, refreshing manner and the primary notes include orange and tangerine, with subtle undertones of lemon and lime finishing off the scent. ($18)

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