5 of the best Menswear Brands on Huckberry

Summer is the time of year when most men really revamp their wardrobes and if you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll want to do all your online shopping under one roof and that’s why brands like Huckberry are such a godsend. Their digital shelves are chock full of awesome products and brands and menswear is an area in which they are particularly well stocked so if you’re in need of some new apparel this summer, look no further.

Check out our pick of 5 of the best menswear brands on Huckberry below:

California Cowboy

One of our favourite brands here at Coolector HQ, California Cowboy are a mainstay of Huckberry and their awesome short sleeve, Hawaiian inspired shirts are an essential addition to your summer wardrobe – not least because they have a beer pocket for storing your craft beer during the rare occasions its not in use. The free-thinking gents at California Cowboy have taken everything we always knew the Aloha Shirt could be and made it a reality. They offer meticulously tailored, ridiculously soft shirts which are sewn by hand in Santa Ana, California and splashed with unique patterns printed from original hand-painted art.

Wellen Surf

Offering some of the best surf-inspired menswear on the market, Wellen are newcomers to Huckberry but have wasted no time at all in becoming one of their most popular brands for summer. Bonfires on the beach, first light surf sessions, windows down on a weekend road trip, there’s no occasion which Wellen don’t have some suitable apparel for. These laid-back, no-shoes days are what inspire Wellen’s clothing and for those seeking a relaxed vibe this summer, look no further. Originally born in SoCal, honed during San Francisco’s Indian summers, and tested on their travels to Montauk, Bali, and beyond, Wellen partners with responsible factories around the world to craft soft, sustainable essentials for sun and swell.

Faherty Brand

Long before they took the plunge into the wild waters of entrepreneurship, Alex and Mike Faherty were surf buddies of the guys at Huckberry. They’ve since built a successful apparel brand that combines their surf know-how and coastal aesthetic with Mike’s years of experience designing for Ralph Lauren. The Faherty Brand have managed to successfully harnessed that relaxed post-surf vibe into a collection of year-round essentials with unparalleled levels of comfort. Not only will their lineup of ponchos and hemp-based jackets keep you toasty during any brisk morning surf checks, but their warm-weather lineup—including Huckberry favorite, the All Day Short—will keep you dry, cool, and comfy once the warmer weather really hits full swing.

Flint & Tinder

Huckberry’s own menswear brand, Flint & Tinder, boast a mighty fine line up of menswear that is perfectly suited to your wardrobe all year round. A response to the fact that today there is no shortage of fussy, over-designed apparel that’s is designed to make life easier and ends up doing just the opposite. Flint & Tinder makes high quality clothing which is simple but significant—hard-wearing, American style staples, which are made to do exactly what it says on the tin. Namely, offering a world-class fit and comfort that is off the charts. Rugged and refined in nature, you’ll find all your summer essentials in their excellent line up of apparel. And best of all, top-notch construction you can depend on wear after wear.


If you’ve ever caught a shore break at Ocean Beach off the San Francisco coast, chances are pretty good that before you zipped up your wetsuit, you made a stop at Mollusk—a modern mecca of old-school surf culture and regular purveyor of some of the best warm-weather staples. Since its opening, Mollusk has made a name for itself selling rare surfboards and celebrating the laidback vibes of Northern California with a lineup of killer beach apparel and locally made art. Surfers from around the globe even make the pilgrimage to get custom boards and check out the interior designed by Jay Nelson, an artist known for building insane wooden camper trailers. And just in time for the longer, sunnier days ahead, Mollusk’s come out with a few vintage-inspired SSBDs (short sleeve button downs) and old-school sweatpants.

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