Spinnaker Hull California Watches

Nautically themed watches are right up our street here at The Coolector and there is one watchmaker in particular that we gravitate towards when it comes to entry level timepieces of this nature – namely, Spinnaker. They have proven why this is the case once again with their latest release, the Hull California Collection, which is both incredibly striking and top performing to deliver a throughly impressive watch for under $300.

The Spinnaker Hull California Watch comes in two different iterations, these being the Tactical and the regular version, and you can choose the perfect one for you own style and requirements. Named after the famed “California” dial which was first seen in the 1920s, these great looking timepieces from Spinnaker have an understated, vintage style aesthetic with an immediately clear and readable dial which is ideal for underwater conditions and adventures.

Vintage Vibes

As with many of the recent releases from Spinnaker, the Hull California Watches have a decidedly vintage visual impact that gives the watches a classy feel and makes them versatile enough to go with more or less any outfit choice. The main differences between the regular and Tactical version of the watch is seen in the strap with the regular coming with a horizontal stitch, waterproofed cut edge genuine leather strap. The Tactical version, conversely, has a ridiculously robust Catchouc natural rubber strap that will keep pace on any adventures you have afoot.

The Spinnaker Hull California Watch has a dial which is crisply legible and has a combination of Arabic and Roman hour markers which gives the timepiece an eye-catching aesthetic. The neo-classical lines of the Hull California Watch from Spinnaker immediately set it apart from the competition and the fact you can get a watch of this calibre on your wrist for under $300 is nothing short of remarkable.

Positively overflowing with excellent features that belie its affordability, it’s not hard to fathom why this nautically themed timepiece from Spinnaker is proving so popular. Some of the stand out features include Swiss super-luminova hands which provide excellent visibility even in low light conditions, a convex sapphire hardened anti-reflective coated mineral glass lens and each watch in the collection is powered by a Seiko TMI NH35 Hackable 24 Jewel Mechanical Automatic Movement which provides first rate accuracy day in, day out.

Nautical Nuance

We love dive and nautical watches here at Coolector HQ and the Hull California Collection from Spinnaker is right up our street aesthetically. It has a nautically inspired cushion case which is precisely formed with a slipstream like case profile and dial measures 42mm to sit neatly on the wrist without being too ostentatious. For any man seeking an affordable, quality timepiece for their summer adventures, this one will be tough to beat.

With prices starting at just $250 for the Hull California from Spinnaker, it represents fantastic value for money and will become a mainstay of your watch collection. We all want a timepiece which is suitable for everyday wear but one that doesn’t compromise on style or performance and we think we might just find it with the latest release from the excellent US based watchmaker, Spinnaker.

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