5 of the Best Minimalist Wallets for Men

Let’s face it, most men today don’t want a bulky wallet weighing them down and giving them a chunky pocket profile. Gone are the days where we need to carry around dozens of cards and paper cash, everything is much more streamlined now and it is the era of the minimalist wallet.

Check out some of the best minimalist wallets for men from the guys at Huckberry below:

Tanner Goods Minimal Card Wallet – $35

Small put perfectly formed, this Tanner Goods Minimal Card Holder ($35) has definitely caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and if you find yourself in need of a dapper, no nonsense wallet, it will more than fit the bill. This understated accessory from Tanner Goods is made in the USA and is ideal for those who want to run a lean, mean EDC. The slim, front pocket wallet is a crucial piece of kit and cut from two pieces of lightweight bridle leather. Tanner’s Minimal Wallet boasts two card slots and a central pocket to store your paper cash and coins. Wonderfully streamlined for keeping your pockets light, and with the revered construction and robustness that is synonymous with the name Tanner Goods. ($35)

Ekster Parliament Minimal Wallet and Tracker Card – $99

Probably one of the most functional and versatile accessories on our list, the Ekster Parliament Minimal Wallet and Tracker Card ($99) is perfect for those men who are serious about their EDC and want a wallet that is ready for anything. This fantastic accessory from Ekster is a slim, bi-fold smart wallet with instant card access and it is built for maximum storage and minimum bulk, with room for 9+ cards, cash, and coins. It’s smart features include a solar-powered tracking function and RFID blocking which makes them infinitely useful, and each is crafted from environmentally friendly leather from gold-rated Leather Working Group tanneries. Where Ekster wallets really excel, however, is with their one-touch access to your cards: their patent-pending card slider technology extends your cards for easy access at the push of a button. ($99)

Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet – $58

Crafted from 100% full-grain leather Spanish cowhide, the Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet ($58) is dapperness personified and will effortlessly fit in your pocket and form the cornerstone of your EDC line up. This cracking accessory has a hidden card slot liner to minimise bulk and stretch, a slim profile design, hand painted edges, four exterior card slots and one side entry interior cash slot and Taylor Stitch have managed to fit this all into one of the most streamlined and cool looking wallets you’re likely to encounter in 2019. ($58)

Recycled Firefighter Fire Hose Rookie Bifold Wallet – $20

The brilliant looking Recycled Firefighter Fire Hose Rookie Wallet ($20) is a minimalistic marvel that is built with repurposed military and firehouse surplus materials. The exterior is cut from decommissioned fire hose and the pockets are built with lightweight full-grain leather to give this piece of EDC one of the most robust performances imaginable. Capable of holding between 8-12 cards, the guys at Recycled Firefighter craft sturdy, front and rear pocket wallets out of some of the toughest materials around — including recycled fire hose. Since its founding in 2014 the former firefighter’s company has recycled over 15,000 feet of decommissioned fire hose. ($20)

Pioneer Matter Bifold Wallet – $80

Stealthy in the extreme, the Pioneer Matter Bifold Wallet ($80) is crafted from 10XD™ ripstop fabric made from ultra-strong UHMW polyethylene fibres so it will be more than a match for any adventures you take it on. This top notch piece of EDC from Pioneer is capable of holding 6-8 cards and has a Future Form™ heat-molding construction process which gives the wallet shape and structure. It has two card slots for organising license, credit cards, business cards and others and four reinforcement bar tacks for durable, long-lasting construction. ($80)

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