Decathlon 2 Second Easy Tent

Truth be told, one of the things that we find most off-putting about camping is the process of putting the tent up so, needless to say, we’ve had our heads well and truly turned by this awesome looking Decathlon 2 Second Easy Tent here at Coolector HQ. Billed as the world’s easiest tent to setup and breakdown, this great camping accessory comes with blackout technology to make outdoor adventures even more rewarding and enjoyable.

The Decathlon 2 Second Easy Tent is available for pre-ordering now at just $199 and will start shipping mid-August. It’s never been more simple to camp out in the great outdoors: just pull the handle to set-up your tent and push the button to break it down. Also, you don’t have to worry about the morning daylight: Decathlon’s patented blackout fabric keeps the tent cool and dark like never before to give you a wilderness lie-in like no other.

Up & Running in No Time

Whether it’s heading out into the wild, to a festival or just a night or two in your own backyard during the summer, the 2 Second Easy Tent from Decathlon will do away with the arguments that typically ensure when putting a tent up. Effortlessly simple to get up and running, it’s easy to see why the pre-orders are already flying off the shelves so make sure you move quickly as there are only a limited number being made available to pre-order.

The Decathlon 2 Second Easy Tent (pre-order $199) is exactly the sort of innovative design we look for from our camping apparatus here at The Coolector and for those who love heading out into the wild but don’t like the accompanying rigmarole of putting a tent up (particularly in inclement weather), this clever piece of kit will be right up your street. Adventure ready and gloriously simple to construct, what’s not to like?

Boasting exclusive blackout and fresh fabric which isr up to 30°F cooler and 99% darker than conventional tents, this is a real stand out candidate for your next camping adventure and the fact that it is so straightforward to go from packed to pitched is the real icing on the cake for this fantastic looking tent from Decathlon.

Made to Measure Design

Measuring 81 x 57 x 43 in (with the carry bag being 23 x 8 x 8 in), the Decathlon 2 Second Easy Tent is perfectly portable and made for taking with you on any camping adventures that you have afoot. These tents have been tested under tropical rain shower conditions to ensure they’re waterproof and won’t let you down when the weather conditions take a turn for the worse.

Available for pre-ordering now for the bargain price of $199, the Decathlon 2 Second Easy Tent has space for two people and a wind resistance of up to 30mph which should be enough to keep even the windiest of wilderness retreats at bay. It is extremely compact and weighs in at just 10lbs so not only is it effortlessly simple to erect, it hardly weighs anything so will be great for those times when you have to hike into the wild before setting up your camp. Pre-order yours now for $199.

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