50 States of LEGO

America is a pretty diverse and expansive country and these diversities are often difficult to put into words. But where words may have failed, LEGO has patently succeeded in the form of this brilliantly entertaining 50 States of LEGO from The Brick Fantastic.

The Brick Fantastic is the work of award-winning photographer, Jeff Friesen, who has wonderfully captured the nuances of America’s 50 states with his superb series of photographs which playfully showcase how each state is perceived. There is something strangely compelling about this series of photography and we here at The Coolector found ourselves nodding in agreement with Friesen’s top notch photos depicting each of the different states and we’re hoping should he ever visit the Green and Pleasant land of the United Kingdom, he’ll do a similar piece about our different counties – he’d be sure to have a field day with Yorkshire et al.

Each of these prints is available to purchase so if you want to make your flat a homage to America’s many states (in an unusual way), then you’ll be able to do exactly that with these excellent 50 States of LEGO prints from Friesen.

Price: $22

Available: The Brick Fantastic.

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