We’re, quite openly, fair weather cyclists here at Coolector HQ but we definitely love bicycles and those which boast a unique element really appeal to our sensibilities. It is for this reason then that we have been particularly impressed with the excellent looking SandwichBike.

SandwichBike are the work of the wonderfully talented Basten Leijh and it is a concept that he has been carrying his head for a number of years now and which is finally set to come to fruition in the brilliantly inventive SandwichBike that you see before you. These bicycles, not content with rocking a particularly impressive visual appeal, also offer a whole host of additional benefits that helps them to stand out from the crowd.

The main draw of this highly striking set of wheels is the ease with which it is put together. It comes in a box, has just 19 components and can be put completely together in a mere 45 minutes (something that I’m sure The Coolector’s DIY skills will put severely to the test). The eye-catching construct will set you back around £700 but it will be money well spent for such an unusual and painfully cool bicycle on which to make your daily commute.Untitled-1If you’re on the lookout for a bicycle that you can put together (from scratch) in a matter of minutes and which offers all the functionality and performance of other bikes of its ilk, then the SandwichBike will surely tick all of your boxes, sir. Check out a few more images of this extraordinary contraption below:





Price: €799

Available: SandwichBike.

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