6 of the Best: Treehouse Hotels

Let’s face it, staying in the same sorts of hotel rooms every time you travel can get a little on the monotonous side so it’s always good to mix things up a bit. Well, things don’t come much cooler or more unusual that treehouse hotels when travelling and, as luck would have it, there are some truly awesome ones dotted all over the world to be enjoyed and, as you might expect, they deliver views that you just don’t get anywhere else.

Take a look through our picks of 6 of the best treehouse hotels here at The Coolector:

Treehouse Lodges, Costa Rica

Situated in Limon in Costa Rica, this Treehouse Lodge is crafted atop tall stilts, harking back to your childhood treehouse and it is totally surrounded by the forest, with a sloped wooden suspension bridge beating a way steeply to its front door. Within this stunning hotel room you’ll find a split level layout: upstairs, a double king size bed and a small ensuite toilet; downstairs, a second double bedroom and a kitchen. All of the furniture has been hand carved from sustainable wood, with open windows which are screened against bugs, while scarlet Birds of Paradise flowers deliver splashes of colour throughout. A one in a million place to stay. (Prices from $300 a night)

Mamole Treehouse, Indonesia

Indonesia is a pretty stunning part of the world and there can be few better places to experience its grandeur than with the breathtaking Mamole Tree House in Nihiwatu. Capable of sleeping six, this brilliant crafted Treehouse hotel delivers out of this world ocean views, a private beach and nearly 600 acres of land surrounding the tree house and Nihiwatu Resort. As such, it’s not difficult to see why it was ranked the number one hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure in 2016. The Mamole Treehouse has three bedrooms nestled into the foliage, and each one has a king bed, lounge area and en-suite bathroom. You can listen to the sounds of the leaves rustling as you fall asleep, and wake up to ocean views from the private balconies. In an especially exotic touch, some of the bathrooms are in separate pavilions, connected to the bedrooms by a bridge. Costing around $6k a night, this one definitely doesn’t come cheap. (Prices from $6k a night)

Treehotel Bird’s Nest, Sweden

Sweden has a lot of woodland so it stands to reason that it would also have some cool treehouse hotels but the Bird’s Nest from Treehotel is probably one of the most striking of the bunch. This small but perfectly formed treehouse has the aesthetic of a bird’s nest on the exterior and the interior has walls which are clad with wood panels and the windows almost disappear in the exterior’s network of branches. The room boasts 17m² of space and has separate bedrooms, toilets, and living area. Showers and sauna are located in two separate buildings close by. All the tree rooms as Sweden’s Treehotel have free WiFi and you access the Bird’s Nest with the help of a retractable staircase for the real treehouse experience. (Prices from £375 a night)

Fox & Hounds Treetop Treehouse, Devon, UK

This breathtaking treehouse at the Fox & Hounds Hotel in Devon, UK, really is a stunning piece of design that truly integrates the tree into its design and will make your jaw drop when you first lay eyes on it. The Treetop Treehouse boasts a kingsize bedroom, separate bunk room, copper bath and shower, fitted kitchen and lounge with an expansive terrace which overlooks the fishing lake beyond. Lamentably, pets are not permitted in the treehouse at any time but given the propensity of cats to get stuck in trees, this is probably a good thing. (Prices range from £270 to £425 per night fully self catering)

Treehouse Point, Seattle

Situated in a verdant forest half an hour east of Seattle, TreeHouse Point is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. It is home to six iconic, rentable treehouses; a central Lodge; a multi-purpose event space; and two cedar-lined bathhouses. All of the indoor spaces are heated, and bedding is provided along with towels and even shampoo and conditioner so, despite the lofty treetop setting, come prepared as you would for a typical hotel stay. The lodges have complimentary Wi-Fi, books, board games, snacks, and dishware are available inside the treehouses for guests to enjoy. Each morning, talented chefs create a mouthwatering, wholesome breakfast in the Lodge.

Loisaba Star Beds, Kenya

Located in a mesmerising game reserve in Kenya, the Loisaba Star Beds let you enjoy the most enchanting night skies imaginable whilst catching glimpses of wildlife throughout the day. They have handcrafted four-poster beds which sit on wheels, are rolled out onto raised wooden platforms so that guests can sleep under the endless African night sky. With stunning brass fittings, the bathrooms let you to keep your eye on the beautiful dam beyond. The communal area at the Starbeds boasts a cosy and homely dining room, sitting room and a wooden decking area – ideal for enjoying a sunny breakfast. The Loisaba Starbeds are located among a kopje of rocks in one of the Eastern Valleys, which overlooks the Kiboko Watering Hole, known to be home to a resident hippo family, and a main water source for passing game, you’ll get a front row seat on nature.

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