6 Craft Ales for Summer

Though summer might be a few months away, it’s never too early to start thinking about the craft ales that you’ll be quaffing in the beer gardens and we here at Coolector HQ have come up with 6 Craft Ales for everyone to enjoy this summer. Check out our picks below:



No-Li are a Spokane based brewhouse who have been creating delicious sounding craft ales since 1993 such as Empire No. 8 above and if you’re wanting a cracking craft ale to kickstart the summer, No-Li are a good place to start.

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Two Beers


Seattle is home to a veritable hotbed of craft brew brilliantness but amongst the best we’ve seen is the superbly branded Two Beers which has some highly unusual flavours amongst their selection of ales – such as the Pumpkin Spice Ale above. Celebrating the great outdoors, Two Beers is the craft ale of choice for adventurous types this summer and one of our favourites here at Coolector HQ.

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Bottle Logic


California based, Bottle Logic, won us over with their brilliant branding but we’re in no doubt of their worthiness for their spot in our 6 summer craft ales list. This first rate brewer has some top class tipples under their belt but it is their Hoptomotron series of brews that has us most impressed and the photo above has already got us licking our lips in time for summer.

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The first London based entrant into our list of craft ales for the summer, Fourpure herald from the South East of our fair city and cite beer as their passion and this certainly shines through in their fantastic looking brews. Fourpure are a family brewers who use the best ingredients and make all their ales in the right way without ever being pasteurised or filtered. One of London’s finest.

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Westbrook Beers


Westbrook Brewery heralds from Mt. Pleasant in South Carolina and we love the look of their superb set of brews here at Coolector HQ. Their fantastic branding aside, their excellent collection of craft ales which include the wonderfully named “Bearded Farmer”, “Cap’n Skoon’s Ballistic Stout” and “Covert Hops”.

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New Zealand’s entry to our top craft ales list this summer goes by the name of ParrotDog and are the work of two students with a passion for beer and brewing. The fantastically contrived brand offer a great range of craft ales and we here at The Coolector have been left thoroughly impressed with their stable of brews which include “Bitter Bitch” and “Bloodhound”.

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