Wocket Wallet

Wocket. No we won’t follow that up with a cheap jibe about Jonathan Ross’s speech impediment, that’s actually the name of the pocket wallet from NXT I-D. NXT I-D performs at the forefront of personal security, with their products controlling the image capturing security market, including processing, display, and enhancement; or in layman terms to you and I, facial recognition technology.

Currently in development, the Wocket is described as smart-wallet (like a smart-phone) that aims to redefine the way personal information such as debit/credit cards is stored. Essentially the Wocket is your standard leather wallet on steroids, after being accepted into MENSA, following a doctorate in social security

As expected of a highly complex product, there are many key features of the Wocket including zero possibility of your card being of use if lost or stolen, the ability to store ten thousand cards/coupons/records, and the capability to encrypt your loyalty cards within your Wocket if you wish to do so.

But what we’re really interested in is the detailed decoration scheme. NXT I-D have divulged that the Wocket will come with various colour schemes, accessories, and textures, meaning that not only can you customise, you can also interchange in accordance to social events.


Here at Coolector HQ we think that the Wocket is another example of how futuristic technologies are redefining the way everyday life is shaped. Ten years ago it would have seemed improbable that the CD would be verging on extinction, yet downloads have eradicated them. Could it be that ten years from now we will be saying the same thing about debit and credit cards, following the success of the Wocket? Check back in ten years and we’ll have an answer for you.

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