6 Essential Men’s Grooming Brands for you in 2019

For those men who are serious about fixing up and looking sharp in 2019, now is the perfect time to find new men’s grooming brands to add to your morning regimen of getting yourself prepared for the day. Regardless of whether it’s shaving wares, shower gels or hair product, there are some first class men’s grooming brands to be had and you’ll find most of them on the digital shelves of health and beauty brand, Notino.

If you’re wanting to enhance your men’s grooming endeavours over the next 12 months, check out our top 6 brands to be found with Notino below:

Hawkins & Brimble

All the excellent beard, shower and shaving products from Hawkins & Brimble are expertly crafted in the UK and formulated with simple, natural ingredients. The brand’s approach to skincare yields unrivalled results which you’ll feel as soon as you begin using their wonderfully well made wares. There are no weak spots – simple yet effective products that will deliver day in, day out. Hawkins & Brimble is more than just a collection of grooming essentials, they are a way of life and they will rapidly become your go-to brand for all your shaving needs. They have revived traditional barber rituals that inspire pride in masculine traditions, so you can enhance your grooming game for good in 2019.

Biotherm Men’s Grooming

Boasting some first class men’s grooming products, Biotherm represents a harmonious reconciliation of man with nature. Their great range of products let you dive into the water world of these unique cosmetics. The Biotherm brand takes inspiration from the awe-inspiring power of thermal springs, minerals and other bioactive substances. The unique composition of their men’s grooming products such as cleansing gels and shaving foams draw energy from water being as a natural element that was the key to the very beginning of life.

Biotherm grooming products deliver a daily dose of rejuvenation for the skin with ingredients which are of natural origin. They have proven scientific results about their performance and you’ll wonder why this brand hasn’t been in your grooming line up for years. Thanks to its unique biological characteristics, water is only natural with the human skin, and thus has the ability to regenerate and protect it exceptionally and that’s something that these Biotherm products prove wonderfully well.

Avene Men’s Skincare Products

Looking after one’s skin is something that more and more men are paying more attention to and fantastic products like these from Avène skin care are the perfect place to start.  The brand harnesses the strength of thermal water from the south of France to produce such exemplary skincare products. Every year, the eponymous spa waters show both the general public and professionals that the Avène thermal water gets rid of problems with atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, burns and allergic reactions of the skin.

The soothing and calming mineral ingredients used in all the Avène products work so well because they produce a light protective film on the skin. Their first class men’s grooming, skincare products are perfect for helping to prevent irritation, will soothe the skin and make sure it’s ready for your day to day adventures. Courtesy of the use of thermal water, coupled with many years of research into effective new substances, Avène have become synonymous with high quality skincare the world over.

The Bluebeards Revenge

A real favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ, The Bluebeards Revenge are a men’s grooming brand that strives to deliver nothing but the best barber-grade beard, hair, body and shaving products to men and barbers all over the world. If you’ve got an unruly beard that needs taming or need some fantastic hair product or body washes, The Bluebeards Revenge should certainly be a brand close to the top of your thinking. Through the use of excellent ingredients and a dedication to delivering the sort of grooming products that men genuinely love to use, this superb men’s grooming brand have certainly garnered a reputation for themselves which is second to none. Shampoos, beard balms and shaving foams – you name it, The Bluebeards Revenge have got it.

Percy Nobleman Men’s Grooming

A relative newcomer to the world of men’s grooming but one that has wasted no time whatsoever in creating an impressive line up of products, Percy Nobleman are a brand that every beard sporting man will appreciate. Born from a frustration with the ordinary world and the endless array of ‘faceless’ products available on the high-street, British entrepreneur Freddy Furber, started Percy Nobleman in early 2013, with the objective of reinventing the wheel of what it meant to be a well-groomed 21st-century contemporary gentleman. Percy Nobleman, tentatively named after Freddy’s Great-Grandfather embodies everything he envisions men of this day should hold dear to them and the selection of men’s grooming products that they have to offer is second to none.

Zew for Men

ZEW for men is a brand of natural cosmetics and high quality accessories for men which are made in Poland using some of the finest ingredients on the market. The Zew for men product range includes two lines of cosmetics – namely, cleansing products which have been enhanced with charcoal from the Bieszczady Mountains and care products made from chaga mushroom, shaving and beard grooming accessories, as well as cosmetic and accessory sets – so whatever your grooming needs in 2019, the guys are Zew for men are sure to have something that fits the bill.

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