6 Men’s Cycling Essentials from SOOMOM

If you love getting out on the open road on two wheels and always find yourself on the hunt for quality purveyors of men’s cycling apparel, you can call off your search now that you’ve found SOOMOM. This ace brand boasts a stellar line up of cycling gear that is built for performance and boasts super-cool aesthetics so, in our humble opinion, it’s truly the best of both worlds. For those serious about their cycling, having the right gear is a must and that’s why brands like SOOMOM are such a godsend.

SOOMOM is based in Belrose, on Sydney’s sunny Northern beaches. Due to the amazing Aussie weather, they ride and have fun, a LOT. As such, they want to make the best cycling garments for people like them that like to ride all year round. Design, graphics, fabrics, they are in control of every part of the creation process and they are always on the lookout for innovative ways to create more incredible products. Check out our pick of 6 of the best men’s cycling essentials from SOOMOM below:


By making use of high-performance materials, the guys at SOOMOM have combined maximum ventilation with an aerodynamic cut to make sure you perform well in the heat. The longer sleeves of this men’s pinstripe cycling jersey (£66) along with the rounded neckline help to deliver the maximum aerodynamic benefit, while the three rear pockets keep this jersey practical enough to wear on a club run. (£66)


This incredibly lightweight, packable and breathable Pro Lightweight Windproof Gilet (£64) is made to keep you warm on those fresh morning rides and the perfect transition piece between summer and autumn. The Soomom Pro Lightweight Cycling Gilet is crafted from ultra lightweight materials with a minimised profile, but it is positively packed full of innovations and features. (£64)


As summer turns to autumn, you’ll want to think about the materials in your cycling apparel. This miraculous jersey will keep you effortlessly cool in summer but, crucially, warm in autumn and winter. The Merino jersey from SOOMOM (£85) is the ideal companion on long-distance rides, helping you regulate your temperature and stay odour-free longer than regular lycra equivalents. SOOMOM have included three deep pockets and invisible zip side pocket for food, tools, and valuables on those longer rides. (£85)


SOOMOM’s Aero bib Shorts (£85) deliver an aerodynamic edge over the competition, and will help to keep you streamlined as you fight your way to the finish line. They are perfectly suited for racing or time trialling use – or simply when you want to feel the exhilaration of pure speed – these shorts are going to become your new best friend. (£85)


The guys at SOOMOM created this hat for the most dedicated riders. For those that go out whatever it is that Mother Nature is unleashing. With a water-resistant front and back panel, a reflective back piece, and details, this first-class hat will be your favourite companion for when it gets cold and dark this Winter. The inside and earpieces boast a fleece-lining for maximum warmth and comfort, keeping the most important part of your body cosy. (£29)


These socks are pretty much as tough as they come. Each pair is made with no-nonsense materials so they’ll last hundreds – if not thousands – of rides, while the branding is executed in a highly-reflective material visible from an impressive 40m distance. Soomom logo across the top of the foot, minimal hooped design at the cuff. (£13)

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