anOrdain x Worn & Wound Model 1 Precious Metal Series Watches

Limited edition watches are something that Worn & Wound are particularly proficient in and they’ve worked with some of our favourite watchmakers here at The Coolector on some truly extraordinary timepieces and none more so than these superb looking anOrdain x Worn & Wound Model 1 Precious Metal Series Watches. The guys at anOrdain are known for their in-house enamel dials but in 2020 when the world shut down, they couldn’t practice their signature craft, so they came up with a series of watches that celebrated their unique design language but just without the enamel finish.

These anOrdain x Worn & Wound Model 1 Precious Metal Series Watches have a price tag of $1250 and will definitely be one of the standout timepieces in any collector’s lineup. The Black Rhodium is impactful and stealthy in equal measure and delivers a sleek aesthetic to the watch which will make it an ideal every day wearer. anOrdain worked alongside a high-end dial maker in Germany to create a trio of dials with precious metal coatings, finished to the highest possible quality with sandblasting and brushing for contrasting textures. These watches are available in Black Rhodium, White Gold, and Rose Gold and really showcase anOrdain’s vision of a classic, but quirky, and pleasantly minimal, modern timepieces.

Paint It Black

It is the Black Rhodium dial which we are most bewitched with, and focusing on, here and it boasts white accents and text, alongside perfectly lacquered white hour and minute hands for impactful and eye-catching contrast. The most classic of the three limited edition timepieces, the understated texturing of the dial delivers an atypical depth. White Gold is paired with black accents and text, with heat-blued hands for a more industrial look that we’re big fans of here at Coolector HQ.

The sandblasted centre of the anOrdain x Worn & Wound Model 1 Precious Metal Series Watches ($1250) shimmers in a way that is nothing short of hypnotic. The Red Gold then combines black accents and text with heat-purple hands for something that is both innovative and unique in the world of watchmaking. Whilst the Black Rhodium is probably the most exotic of the three watches of this collaboration, it’s still remarkably restrained and tasteful. 

The driving force behind these anOrdain x Worn & Wound Model 1 Precious Metal Series Watches is the Swiss-made ETA 2824-2 automatic movements which is the standard for a reliable caliber. Serviced, regulated, and modified by anOrdain’s team of four watchmakers, the date function has been taken away, as has the date-setting position on the crown. The watches are also backed by a 5-year warranty with in-house servicing by anOrdain.

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