6 of the best men’s swimming shorts from Duvin

For those who like their apparel to offer some visual vibrancy, Duvin will be a brand right up your street and if you’re looking to add some new swim shorts to your Fall wardrobe rotation, they’ve definitely got some of the best in the business. Duvin was started by a group of life long friends on the balmy beaches of Florida. They started out with zero cash in the bank and selling t-shirts out of the trunk of their cars. Fast forward 6 years and the brand is sold in 130 stores, 10 countries, and worn by athletes and celebrities from all walks of life. Impressive stuff. One of their cornerstone offerings is their awesome looking swimming shorts and we check out six of the best below:

Beer Hammock Swim Short | $62.50

Boasting a 4-Way Stretch, these are one mighty flexible pair of swim shorts from Duvin. The Beer Hammock Swim Shorts are made from 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex. They’ll be dry before you finish your beer. Win, win.

Motel Mingo Swim Short | $62.50

Visually vibrant in the extreme, these Motel Mingo Swim Shorts from Duvin are a real favourite of ours here at The Coolector. They will add a touch of old school cool to your beach and pool trips this Fall and you’ll definitely be turning heads aplenty in these ones.

Tiki Bar Swim Short | $62.50

If you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, any trip to a pool will inevitably mean imbibing a cocktail or five and you’ve got the perfect pair of shorts with these Tiki Bar Swim Shorts from Duvin. Aesthetically superior, rapid drying and great for making a style statement – what’s not to love about these Don Draper-esque shorts?

Floral Split Swim Short | $62.50

You’ll definitely not going under the radar on your beach trips if you invest in these ace looking Duvin Floral Split Swim Shorts and they don’t disappoint from a style or comfort perspective either. These are the sort of shorts you can wear in the sea and then transition into enjoying a cocktail at the hotel bar. Visual vibrance personified.

Ripe For Tonight Swim Short | $62.50

There is a real vintage beer mat vibe to these Ripe For Tonight Swim Shorts from Duvin. And, safe to say, we’re digging it here at The Coolector. If you’re after a pair of swim shorts suitable for wherever your adventures take you – from a backyard slip ‘n’ slide to a classy beach trip in California, these shorts will definitely do the job.

Lawn Chair Swim Short $62.50

Fall is all about kicking back in a deck check and enjoying a craft beer or two in our opinion here at The Coolector and with these Lawn Chair Swim Shorts from Duvin, you’ll have the ideal ally for doing exactly that. Classy, comfortable and well-crafted, they’re a real triple threat.

Leo Davie