6 Spring Dopp Kit Essentials for Men

Now is the perfect time to give your dopp kit a spring clean (literally and metaphorically) and there are certain products which should definitely be making it into your line up over the next few months. From razors to aftershave, the dopp kit is home to all men’s grooming essentials and in a cooperation with makeup.uk we have come up with a list of 6 men’s grooming essentials:

Uppercut Deluxe Beard Oil

If you’ve got a beard, you need to keep it looking its best in the heat of spring and summer and getting some of this Uppercut Deluxe Beard Oil in your dopp kit is a great place to start. Nourishing and boasting a delicious aroma, this first class beard oil from Aussie brand Uppercut Deluxe is always a top pick of ours here at Coolector HQ.

Old Spice Deep Sea Deodorant Spray

We’re quite old school here at The Coolector and we’re not ashamed to admit a particular penchant for Old Spice. No man’s wash bag is complete without a deodorant and the Deep Sea Deodorant Spray from Old Spice delivers an alluring aroma every time you push the nozzle. Keep it close to hand when travelling or heading to the gym.

American Crew Classic Liquid Wax

Fix up and look sharp this spring by adding this American Crew Classic Liquid Wax to your line up of grooming goods. Offering a medium hold and shine, this first class hair product from American Crew is a mainstay of a lot of men’s wash bags and for good reason. It delivers exactly the sort of hold that medium length hairstyles demand and has a fantastic fragrance to boot. Win, win.

SHAKYLAB Anti-Bacterial Pocket Gel

Given the world we now live in, a hand-sanitising gel is an essential addition to any man’s line up of grooming accessories and this SHAKYLAB Anti-Bacterial Pocket Gel gets our vote here at The Coolector. Boasting a pleasing green apple aroma and bacteria fighting properties, this superb little hand gel will be whipped out all the time this spring and summer to make sure you’re not picking up any unwanted bacterias when out and about.

Green + The Gent Shampoo & Body Wash

We always lean towards the versatility of a shampoo and body wash here at Coolector HQ and this Green + The Gent Shampoo & Body Wash definitely ticks all the right boxes. Offering a classy aroma that lasts throughout the day, this dopp kit essential will be great for travelling around and when you try this brand, chances are you won’t go back to your more regular and mainstream shampoos and body washes.

Beviro Pakkawood Shavetta Razor

Though we’re not brave enough to try it, there are plenty of men out there not adversed to a wet shave with a cut-throat razor and if that sounds like you, you should opt for a high quality accessory like this Beviro Pakkawood Shavetta Razor. With a tangible sense of quality to the touch and an excellent shave performance, it’s easy to see why this brand is a must for those who love a close shave.

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