6 of the Best Workspace Essentials

If, like us here at Coolector HQ, you spend vast swathes of your day milling around your workspace, it might as well be as awesome as possible so filling it with some great accessories, furniture and design oriented pieces is definitely the way to go. Luckily, the guys at Huckberry have some awesome workspace essentials that will give you the best looking desk in all the land and enhance your productivity and creativity no end.

Check out 6 of the best workspace essentials from the guys at Huckberry below:

LeviMoon Levitating Moon Light – $240

Give your workspace a celestial feel with this brilliant looking LeviMoon Levitating Moon Lamp ($240). Billed as the world’s first levitating moon lamp and created by innovators over at Coocepts, this lamp was crafted to realistically recreate the lunar light we see when looking up at our own night sky. This desk-sized replica, consists of a 3D printed sphere that is marked with lifelike craters and shading – hovering just above a sleek walnut base. It can rotate at high speed, or suspend without motion, up to you. You also have the option between two lunar filters – a warm light and cooler white light setting. ($240)

This Is Ground Mod5 Organiser – $325

When it comes to keeping your desk organised and in order, this Mod5 Organiser from This Is Ground ($325) is definitely going to tick all of the right boxes. With ten pockets and five slots for all your tech and EDC, this is the last organiser you’ll need to buy. After countless prototypes, This is Ground arrived at the latest addition to their line of Italian leather organisers and they have integrated the most popular custom insert, the Executive Insert, right into the design this time around. They have added depth while maintaining the slim profile with a custom-fitted zipper. Stylish and wonderfully versatile – a real win, win. ($325)

AZIO Retro Classic Keyboard – $220

If you want to give your workspace a vintage, steampunk-esque vibe, this awesome looking AZIO Retro Classic Keyboard ($220) might be the ideal means of achieving it. Boasting LED backlights that are located perfectly at the centre of each key, illuminating the keyboard evenly and beautifully, this will add a touch of class to your desk and turn heads of colleagues aplenty. The retro styling captures the aesthetics and wonderful tactile feel of a vintage typewriter while using contemporary technology and materials to provide a luxurious typing experience. ($220)

Field Notes Expedition Pack Notebooks – $13

Jotting down notes is something that most creatives will want to do on a daily basis so having some good quality notebooks in residence in your workspace is a must. They don’t come much better than these Field Notes Expedition Notebooks ($13) and whether it’s a grocery list, a journal entry, or a note for later, writing down the things you see, do, and need to do is a crucial component of keeping your life organised. Resistant to pretty much everything bar fire, these robust notebooks are made from  synthetic, waterproof and tearproof paper, they can stand up to the gnarliest conditions you can drum up. ($13)

iLoveHandles Concrete Slab Organiser – $50

A messy desk will be one of the biggest blocks on productivity but with this excellent iLoveHandles Concrete Desk Organiser ($50) that will be a thing of the past. This complete set of desk accessories is crafted from concrete for an eye-catching industrial aesthetic and will have space for all your stationery and tech so that it doesn’t get in the way when you’re trying to work. Modular, low-profile, and robust as they come, this minimalist design reflects their utilitarian function and the complete bundle includes a pen holder, tape dispenser, phone dock and bin tray. ($50)

Fisher Space Pen – $25

Pens are a stationery staple and no creative workspace is complete without one. This Fisher Space Pen ($25) is going to ramp up the style of your desk whilst giving you a robust pen that will last a lifetime. It writes smoothly, evenly, and dependably, upside down, underwater, over grease, and in extreme temperatures. Courtesy of its pressurised ink cartridge with specially developed ink, it can even write in zero gravity, hence the name and its inclusion on every manned NASA space mission since 1968. Crafted to last a lifetime with easy, affordable refills, you’ll be writing with the Fisher Space Pen for many revolutions around the sun to come. ($25)

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