Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Backpack

We’ve come across our fair share of adventure orientated brands in our time here at Coolector HQ but few are delivering robust results quite like Triple Aught Design so far as accessories are concerned and there are few better examples of this fact than the FAST Pack Scout Backpack. If you’re planning adventures aplenty in 2019 and beyond, you’re going to need a robust, hard-wearing backpack and the FAST Pack Scout Backpack from Triple Aught Design is going to tick all the right boxes.

Available for $195, the Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Backpack has the makings of a class accessory and for those of you that demand nothing but the best from your accessories, this one isn’t going to disappoint. This cracking carry comes in five different colour styles, including a stealthy camouflage option, and its rugged construction and modular adaptability are the foundation of the FAST platform, which will help you conquer the routine, the unexpected and everything in between.

Wilderness Ready Accessory 

Triple Aught Design are a brand we’ve feature before on the pages of The Coolector and we’ve always been big fans of their magnificently crafted and effortlessly robust accessories. The FAST Pack Scout Backpack is their latest release and it’s certainly got plenty of eye-caching features that will help to set it apart from the competition. It combines together the the best of military design and mountaineering ergonomics, and this top class backpack is built to be your trusted ally for adventures close to home or missions far away.

There are some backpacks which instantly stand out from a performance point of view and this Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Backpack is one such offering. It  combines the ruggedness and modularity of Triple Aught Design’s FAST platform with the weight and agility of a minimalist summit pack. Boasting some 15 litres in volume and 1 kilogram in weight, it delivers an agile profile and versatile storage options which make it the ideal companion when you need to move fast.

Incredibly compact and uncompromising in performance, the Scout boasts a full-clamshell main compartment and a cleverly design, full-depth 3D admin pocket. Even though it has a sleek exterior, it keeps compatibility with the FAST Transporter Tails for end-user adaptability. A full-depth, inverted front pocket can stow a Transporter Tail when not needed, and allows for gear segregation and rapid entry. Internally, there is an integrated mesh hydration sleeve and a full-height zippered mesh pocket provide flexible storage options for daily carry gear.

Modular Design

It is the modular nature of the design with the FAST Pack Scout Backpack from Triple Aught Design which makes it such a top performing carry in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. This fantastically crafted accessory is made with an innovative high pressure nitrogen gas solution process, aerated closed cell foam padding aids in superior shock protection and comfort. The polyester and nylon mesh help the ventilation on the shoulder straps and back panel of the pack.

A great price of $195 is going to make this Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Backpack appeal to plenty of adventure loving individuals out there and, as we’ve come to expect from this all-American brand, the quality really is second to none. If you find yourself in need of a functional, robust and hard-wearing backpack in 2019, look no further.

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